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Jadine Arnold - Punk Rock Princess

Are you looking to promote your brand or product? Advertise with The Punk Rock Princess and tap into our engaged and rebellious audience.

From sponsored posts to social media promotion, sidebar advertising and collaborations, I offer various opportunities to showcase your brand with a punk rock flair. Contact me today, and let’s make waves together!

Fashion careers - Collaboration Opportunities:

I believe in embracing the punk rock spirit while exploring the world and celebrating individuality. Oh, and did we mention we have two adorable ragdoll kittens, Pancakes and Mango, adding some extra punk rock cuteness to our lives?

Blog Statistics:


Collaboration Opportunities

Reviews/Product Reviews:

Have a rad product or brand you want the world to know about? Let me thoroughly review it and share our honest thoughts with our audience. My well-researched and engaging posts will capture the essence of your brand. Prices for reviews start at £40 per post. We are adding to Pinterest and other social platforms.

Collaboration Opportunities:


From musicians to actors and industry professionals, I love to chat with intriguing personalities. Let us conduct an exclusive interview with you or someone from your team. Ill share fascinating insights and stories with our readers. Contact us for personalized package details.

Sponsored Posts:

Collaboration Opportunities:

Want to get the word out about your brand or event? I offer sponsored post opportunities where I will incorporate your message seamlessly into our content.

Prices for sponsored posts start at £40 – £90, depending on requirements and special requests. We’ll bring the punk rock flair to your brand promotion!


Collaboration Opportunities:

Let’s amp up the excitement and engage our readers! I am all about hosting cool competitions and giveaways—partner with me to create a buzz around your brand or product. Contact me for personalized package details.

Sidebar Advertising:

Get prime real estate on our blog! Place your brand logo or banner in our sidebar and get noticed by our punk rock-loving audience. Contact me for personalized package details.

Social Media Promotion:

I am a social media rockstar! Let me create eye-catching posts and special promos to spread love for your brand on my platforms. We’ll make sure your message reaches our engaged followers.

Brands I’ve Worked With

The Body Jewellery ShopWebsite
White GloWebsite
Edinburgh Pub CrawlWebsite
Skinny LagerWebsite
Candy KittensWebsite
Brockmans GinWebsite
Vieve Protein WaterWebsite
Femme Luxe Website
Frank Turner (Singer)
Less Than Jake (Musicians)
Start Static (Musicians)
Jennifer Lilya (Fashion Illustrator )
Jamie & Shoony (Musicians)
Troycy (YouTube Gamers)
Blazej Marczak (Photographer)
Edinburgh Cat Cafe (Cafe)
Frisky (Food Chain)
Amberly Snyder (Walk Ride Rodeo)
Alexander Von Roon (Director/Producer Hollywood)
Angus Monro (Singer)
Caffe Almondo (Cafe)
Jody Porter (Fountains of Wayne Band)
Mark Spicoluk (Avril Lavigne Bassist)
Actor Bobby Robertson
Patrick Tobin (Hollywood screenwriter)
Lars Arentz-Hansen (Danny Boyle The Beach Actor)
Gab Sachs (Hollywood Director)
Brad Wollack’s (Hollywood Director)
Four Paws (Charity)
The Travellers (Band)
Jim Yukich (Director/ Writer)
Neebs Gaming (Youtubers)
Dacian Miron (Singer)


Package NamePriceDescription
The Blogger£40Get a unique blog post written in The Punk Rock Princess way. It’s all about capturing my voice and style!
Ill share and promote it across all our social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (personal/page), and Pinterest. Let’s rock this together!
The Bravo Blogger£70 – £90Get your brand logo presented on our site, with personal contact to our followers in specific niche areas via email and tweets.

I’ll create special social media promos and shoutouts just for you. Plus, you’ll get a personal vlog. Contact me for more details.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Our blog posts are well-researched, detailed, and written with a personal touch and niche focus.
  • Writing takes about three to four hours to ensure a great post, from the initial idea to sharing it on social media.
  • For brand/product reviews, we charge between £40 – £90 per post, depending on requirements, special requests, and confirmation status.
  • Sponsored posts are accepted for brands that align with our readers’ interests and can provide value.
  • Unless specifically requested, we cannot be held responsible for any negative feedback or engagement metrics.
  • We accept press samples as long as they’re relevant. All gifted items will be marked with *AD/SPONSOR to ensure transparency. Our product reviews are always written with 100% honesty.
  • We only write positive articles about topics that excite us. We prefer not to write about something that doesn’t align with our interests. We believe in being honest and genuine!

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