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When in Holland… A Café is a Must! Caffe Almondo!

Cafes….Coffee must be one of my favourite topics in the world. Now that summer is approaching, what’s more amazing than a tasty cuppa and creative, delicious selections of sandwiches and cakes at the new startup Caffe Almondo, based in The Hague City Centre/Holland? Korte Poten 462511, The Hague, Netherlands.

When in Holland… A Café is a Must! Caffe Almondo!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing owner Anali. The decor, location, and friendly staff have so much going for them—such a hidden treasure and so close to the main central station in The Hague. Anali and her husband are running this cafe.

“I’d much rather hang out in a cafe. That’s where things are really happening. “– Joe Sacco

See the happy staff and have a lovely cup of tea. The selection of cakes, ranging from carrot, apple and cheesecake, is just mouth-watering—a long-awaited introduction to Caffe Almondo, the Italian espresso bar.

Owner Anali has come a long way to start this tasty business with her Husband and hard-working team and grow her network, which has brought a lot of local and international success.

With their super commitment and hands-on Social media! “Wil jij alvast de zon aanzetten, dan schenk ik zo de Koffie.”

When in Holland… A Café is a Must! Caffe Almondo!

Anali, what made you start this coffee? “Well, i have always been passionate about doing something of my own. Long story short, with the help of my husband, we started our espresso bar in 2016.”

What would you say is your most popular dish or drink? “Our most popular drink is our perfectly foamed cappuccino. food wise, I was say ” Caprese,” which is prepared with fresh Italian ingredients.”

When in Holland… A Café is a Must! Caffe Almondo!

“How would you say Almondo is different from other coffee shops?”I believe that our espresso bar has a soul; we find that every guest that enters our place leaves with a very satisfying feeling.

If you were a customer in your own cafe, what would you order from the menu? “Espresso, all the way.”

Describe your cafe in 3 words. “Customer-friendly, classic and perfect location to watch the world pass by.”

When in Holland… A Café is a Must! Caffe Almondo!

That sounds like my kind of place; what advice would you give to someone dreaming of opening their own small business? “I would say one has to prepare themselves mentally and physically for this job; it’s a lot of effort that has to be put in, and even when their shop is closed, they have to always come up with new ideas for advertising, working on social media, new drinks or food and so on.”

Tell us a bit more about how you came up with the name. “It’s a thought question; a very short answer would be that we thought of Almonds… (Well, that was a silly joke). Since we are an Italian espresso bar, we wanted the name have some connection with that, and that’s why we chose Almondo, because mondo means World In Italian.”

When in Holland… A Café is a Must! Caffe Almondo!

I like that; it is always so much more personal to have a special touch. Is there anything else you want to share? “One thing is for sure: everything is done with passion at our espresso bar, and we do our utter best to put on a smile. On every individual that enters our caffe.”

And wow, do they, having been there for a few hours, enjoy the view of cyclists and people going in and out of town, the constant customer banter, happy customers, as well as friendly faces who become locals, are treated like family.

When I return to Holland, I always miss a wholesome place to feel relaxed, refreshedand not rushed.

Caffe Almondo! anali

There you have it, from the founder himself. Be sure to share your tasty treats, boost your expresso and more! We’d love to see what you are having and what you recommend!

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