Creative, idle and inspiring . I had the pleasure of seeing Angus Munro perform at the Wide Days event at the Pleasence Theatre and left the scene as the crowd erupted in enthusiasm.

The Glasgow Piano is a songwriter born in London and raised in Crieff, Scotland, who combines his love of music and wordsmithing to take you on a musical emotional adventure.

His touching lyrics that feel so connecting and the embracing outfit that gives a unique and quirky cartoon feel with the use of colours and accessories like a bow tie. This fantastic photo of him showing off the outfit was taken by the talented Jannica Honey Photography.

In each of his (folk, instrumental, alternative, indie) songs with influences like Scott Walker, Ron Sexsmith and Ben Folds, you can hear his happiness, strength and pain that will accompany you until the next chapter. Having spent many years working on his words and creativity to a forward and stunning beat, you can relate to his story and connect with every note.

After an adventurous tour across the country he has been asked to support a number of artists including The Hoosiers, The Milk, The Rumble Strips at their Scottish gigs and he will be sharing the stage with Scouting For Girls when they come to Edinburgh in September! Exciting!!!!

Angus Munro’s current tracks include the EP of “Shooting First” and “H.M”, which have an upbeat and catchy melody that you will not be able to get out of your head. With the use of instruments, from drums to vocal laden melodies, his music creates a lively and positive atmosphere.

The infectious vocals and bouncy beats make this a highly memorable and lively tune.

After the bouncy and driving songs, Angus Munro also shows a wide range of more heartfelt and heavy songs like “Marlene” and “Eureka”.

Meeting Angus was fantastic. The unique accent, mischievous smile and great bow tie went well with his nicely styled outfit. Although Angus was very busy, I managed to arrange an (as they say here in Scotland) interview with him! So I’ll leave you to read it for yourself in the next big words!

Angus, you have been so busy and your sense of style is unique and driven. Who was your inspiration to your music?

Quite a few but as a kid I had four artists I looked up to: Frank Sinatra, Sting, Ben Folds and Harry Connick Jr.

You have had so many views and hits with your piano playing. What instruments do you play?

Piano, Alto Saxophone, Voice, Ukelele (but it’s really bad, seriously – stay away.)

Did you have many singing lessons/Training at all?

I had singing lessons from school through to university, mainly focusing on breathing and tone. My vocal range was “trained” by accident though – I used to perform hand puppets for my little sister for hours and they would all sound like they were jacked up on helium.

What was the most difficult thing to do when coming to writing your music?

Definitely overcoming plagiarism; I used to call out songs on the radio that sounded like others and applied it to my own work. Took a while to get over that one.

What about moments, what’s the funniest thing that has ever happened on stage?

I remember enthusiastically blowing up balloons to cover a whole venue for my last pop band’s gig. They kept randomly exploding throughout the show scaring the whole crowd into tears – a career highlight, definitely.

Angus Munro

You must have some favourite singer/song?

There are so many! Scott Walker is definitely one to talk about though; his control, vibrato, and everything about his style is flawless. I’ll listen to him and think “ Well, I tried…”.

Might sound like such an interview question, but where would you like to be in 5 years’ time?

I work full-time as a session musician and earn a living through it, but to keep afloat with just my own material – that would be amazing.

For fashion, followers love your bow tie. That seems to be a little trademark! How would you describe your fashion/style?

I try not to think too hard about what I wear but I like a lot of colours. Definitely quirky though, I looked at some of my old teddy bears from when I was a kid when I went home last month – I envy their style.

Do you have something you do/wear? Something that is your unique symbol?

Corduroy trousers and a good bow tie although it’s hard to find a good tie-able knitted bow tie out there (let me know if you find one btw.)

Having slightly touched up on this earlier but, What/who is your biggest motivational musical inspiration?

Randy Newman; in my opinion he’s the greatest songwriter to have ever lived.

If you could play in any band, what band would it be and why?

I play alto sax in a funk outfit called GLAMOUR AND THE BAYBES made up of some of the best session musicians in the country; the songs are a real challenge but once you’ve got them under your fingers, they’re phenomenal fun to play.

What project are you working on now?

I’m still promoting “Shooting First – EP” around the country and I’m about to start work on it’s follow up…

Know any good jokes?

A baby seal walks into a club.

What was the last show you saw? (Musical/Concert?)

I saw Tuff Love at The Electric Circus and got hit with a huge wave of 90’s shoegaze nostalgia – great band!

Have you anything exciting coming up that you are excited to share with your fans?

I’ll be recording an album at the end of the year and will hopefully release it Spring 2015 – strings, horns and an all girl backing group: it’s going to be something special.

That is most definitely something to look out for! When was the first time you performed on stage? (Where and what was it?)

I was in 3rd year at school, I think, and I wanted to sing “You Make Me Feel So Young” with the school’s big band; everybody thought I was going to mess it up (including me)!

Another little random question but favourite place to eat? Why?

The Hanoi Bike Shop – an amazing Vietnamese restaurant off Byre’s Rd, Glasgow – my friend recently described eating there akin to “having a circus inside your mouth”.

Any words of wisdom for people wanting to follow the same footsteps as you?

Failure is the most important tool you’ll be given, so be sure to use it well.

Be sure to check out the next concert at The Phoenix in Inverness on Thursday 5th June at 11pm as part of the go North festival! Super worth seeing!

With Loving the tracks you can download them as well as seeing more of Angus check out his site for more info and updates, You can also check him out on Twitter @angusmunwhoa, See the moves of his creative travels and vocals

“Shooting First – EP” is available for purchase on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify.

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