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Television Producer at E! News International, Show Runner at NBCUniversal , Film Producer at E! Entertainment Networks, Producer at MTV and much more, find out the awesome life of hollywood media with this great interview with Alexander Von Roon.

Alexander Von Roon,

(George Clooney giving us some advice how to survive the “heat” in Hollywood and talking about directing and acting at the same time. — with George Clooney at Beverly Wilshire Beverly Hills (A Four Seasons Hotel). Alexander Von Roon.

The film and showbiz industry has always startled me, the instant time taking, vision, passion and progression.

I couldn’t help but get further into it and what it takes to be a devoted producer, actor and director. I was so enthusiastic when I had the chance to speak with Alexander Von Roon from behind the scenes of the exciting Hollywood movie industry.

Having just finished his latest project with Pierce Brosnan, he spills the onset invisibles about Jacob Waltz, what’s next in store and what’s to come out on screens!

Alexander Von Roon,

(8 January 2013 Alexander With Samuel L. Jackson at Casa Del Mar.)

“Shooting “The Lost Dutchman” was a lot of fun, since we were filming on location in the Arizona desert and the movie is based on a legend surrounding the Superstition Mountains.

Shooting guns and chasing Apaches around is always fun.” Quoted by Alexander himself when asked about his top project to date.

Alexander has worked on numerous volumes of projects, such as Femme, E Entertainment, and Desperate Housewives, as well as with a vast variety of cultures, personalities, employers, directors, actors – you name it.

Alexander took the time to talk about his productions, including the exciting ‘must know’ – if he could work with anyone – who would it be?

“I have always been obsessed with Brian DePalma. I think he continued Alfred Hitchcock’s legacy and it would be great to work on a psychological thriller.

I have already worked several times with David Fincher, J.J. Abrams, John Wells and of course David Mamet and Michael Bay.

It was fun doing comedy with Becky Martin, David Zucker, they are very hands on directors, so I learned a lot. “

Presently based in his second home in California, formerly from Hanover, Germany, it, goes to show that there is such a resourceful world out there, where you can bring your enthusiasm and grow it to such an extreme, no matter where you are!

Do you miss home (Europe)?

“There are around 250.000 Germans in the LA area and many Croatians, (especially in San Pedro), Brits, Scandinavians, you name it.

I miss my family. I love Europe, especially the cultural diversity and I go back several times per year.”

What was it that made you move to the US?

“I like the American spirit, where everything is possible. People give you a chance and even a second chance. Americans seem to be more forgiving and able to let go. New York seemed like a modern Rome to me till 9/11.

Now, that Los Angeles is not only the Center of Entertainment but also for music, life is great in Southern California, especially near the Ocean, where you can enjoy the outdoors and catch a breeze.”

(A few shows Alexander has been involved in)

Aside from over the water links and family trips home, so much additional work goes into what Alexander does, it’s a daunting and challenging business and can be demanding and affecting at times.

You have really worked to get where you are today, what might have been the hardest challenge you encountered on your road to fame?

“What is fame these days? It cuts both ways. Some people get shamed on the Internet quickly and become sort of “infamous”. I think, we all have the same obstacles to overcome. First, find out, what you really enjoy doing for yourself, not for the affection of others.

If you focus and become really good at something, and you don’t get distracted, then you will be successful at what you do. If you are lucky (or unlucky depending on your point of view), you become famous in life and get rich. Or fame happens after your death, like many of my favorite artists.

They did not really care, since most artists did not create for commercial reasons. It is bold to not have a plan B and to try to see what happens. I think the obstacles and challenges of dealing with other people can cause the same stress, if you are a barista at McDonalds or a Conductor for the LA Phil.”

With continuous challenging yet stimulating projects at his fingertips Alexander uninterruptedly grows his portfolio with diverse and distinctive projects, I managed to find out a little exclusive extra on one of his latest onset projects.

“I just worked on a movie with Roger Donaldson, called November Man. Pierce Brosnan is in it and I recently met George Lazenby. Two James Bond actors in one year. Who would have thought? Maybe Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson will consider me in the future? I actually am eligible for a British passport and drove two Lotus’, when I lived on London’s Baker Street.”

Who has been your most inspirational person you have met? There are so many people, ranging from Prime Ministers to movie stars. The best advice comes from my parents and grandparents. Ron Meyer, the current Vice Chairman of NBC Universal and former Universal Studiohead had told us, to “Never assume anything”, which helps a lot in the workplace.

George Clooney is always fun to meet, since he is very polite and well mannered despite being a Mega Star. Clooney reminds me a bit of Cary Grant, or if George can hold a tune like his aunt Rosemary, maybe even of Dean Martin.”

Alexander Von Roon,
(14 September 2008 · Pussycat Dolls Doll Domination for Real! — with Nicole Scherzinger.)

Any words of advice for people wanting to follow your footsteps?

” Our family creed is to be honest and to do what is right. Treat others the way you want to be treated. I learned a lot from Tom Cruise.

Even though he only sleeps maybe three to four hours, Tom is always on, nice to everybody, shakes everybody’s hand and treats you with respect. Cruise even ordered a barrister and massage therapists on set, who helped everybody, relax. Paid out from his own pocket.”

There you have it form Alexander himself, with quotes of wisdom, a short insight into his way of life and behind-the-scenes of the music industry. Be sure to keep yourself posted with future pieces and exciting projects in the making of Alexander Von Roon.

I for sure cannot wait to see what else he has in store, while he continues to increase his connections, portfolio of creativity and inventive collaborations!

Alexander Von Roon,

“1974 Fifa World Cup Champion Berti Vogts had said you always meet twice in life. We used to joke about it, but I even met our Egyptian guide Mamdur twice, ten years apart, by accident, even though I rarely travel to the Pyramids. So you better be nice to other people and animals and mean it.”

There you go – a closing piece of advice from Alexander – put it in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go!

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