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So I came across Badoo, you’re probably thinking “Who”? Yes, Badoo! The modern-day dating app has over 366 million users worldwide. So there is plenty of fish in the sea! Good fish. We like good fish.

This makes it the largest dating app in the world! Ohhhh, Lala! It also got me to think, years ago how did people meet? The run-in-the-mill Barn Dance, a telegraph dating section? As technology progresses, so does dating!

Badoo CelebLook alike malta - The Dating App Everyones On

I know various friends who use Badoo, a hidden treasure to find that perfect pick, friendly flaunts or humble happiness.

Brace yourself for this next part – Badoo uses facial recognition! What?! Yes, you read that right – you can find your celebrity crush look alike!

Badoo! malta = The Dating App Everyones On

Ok ok maybe the odds of Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lawrence finding you is slim but their facial recognition technology means you can find the next best thing… So let’s key in Ryan Gosling… We love to hear about these moments of perfect match-making moments!

You know what I think is awesome, is its for everyone I mean everyone! None of this specified stuff, no one has time and energy for that and the different groups cause come on let’s be honest, life going fast, we want actions fact and fun at our fingertips! Introducing yet again Badoo.

Something spooky (yet super cool) is you can see people you are friends with, everyone you have something in common with or even if you have passed them on the street or in a bar, go back and see who’s been Badooing! You’re probably wondering about your safety and security, right?

Badoo! malta The Dating App Everyones On

Badoo has already thought of that for you! Profiles are verified by Badoos team 24/7 and if you’re chatting to someone and want to know if they’re real – just ask for a selfie!

Blue ticks on profiles also provide you with that peace of mind that the individual has been verified. What if someone sends you a message and you don’t reply because you’re not interested? Scared he’ll bombard with your messages?

Badoo! The Dating App Everyones On

Well, don’t be! Badoo automatically blocks people from sending you messages if you don’t reply after two messages, saving you time and hassle! It’s super safe, secure, selective, and smart!

Totally check it out; ill leave you guys with it; let me know who your celeb finder is! Now if you’ll excuse me I have some Ryan Gosling hunting to do! Be sure to check what they are doing next! Always adding more exciting features and social media moments!

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