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You have always wondered how your friends manage to pull off their amazing stylish outfits on a shoestring budget.

women's white long sleeve shirt

You believe you have exactly the same amount of money to work with, but you don’t seem to have much luck when it comes to bargain shopping.

Finding a new outfit for less can be tricky, especially when you like to stick to the latest trends in the high street stores. The trick is to stock your wardrobe full of the essentials that will never go out of style.

You will then have a base for all of your outfits for the next few years; any extra purchases are then a bonus to your collection. Check out some of these ideas and see if you can make them work for you.

Multi-Use Outfits: How to Make the Most of New Clothing Purchases

Look Online

When you look online for clothing you can see how outfits can be brought together, instead of looking at them on a rack in the shop.

Check out www.fillyflair.com which will inspire you to buy all of the items that work well together in an outfit. From sophisticated work wear to glamorous evening fun, you will find it all online.

Multi-Use Outfits: How to Make the Most of New Clothing Purchases

Back to Basics

When you want to find outfits that are going to last you a long time, you need to invest in high-quality basics that fit you well.

Every girl needs a good pair of denim jeans, a little black dress and a warm winter coat. Once you have got these basics sorted you will be able to add a sprinkle of your own personality.

Multi-Use Outfits: How to Make the Most of New Clothing Purchases

Savvy Shoe Selection

Shoes are definitely items you don’t want to scrimp and save on, so try to invest in a handful of stylish and comfortable pairs.

You will need a pair of black heels, some casual sneakers and some beautiful ballet pumps; when you team these together with your new basic items you will see how a multitude of outfits can come together.

Multi-Use Outfits: How to Make the Most of New Clothing Purchases

Handbags and Jewellery Galore

You really want to find a staple handbag that is going to last you forever and reflect your personality. A large black or brown handbag will be your perfect go to accessory for everyday use; you will also need a glamorous clutch to revert to whenever you head out with the girls.

Choose a stunning pair of stud earrings that you can wear for daytime or evening occasions and you will always be ready to step out in style.

So next time you are thinking of investing in that super expensive fluorescent dress, you might want to think again.

woman in white and red floral long sleeve shirt wearing sunglasses

Ask yourself ‘Will I wear this is two years’ time.’ If you think the answer is no, then it’s probably not worth purchasing. What you think is hot and on trend at the moment will soon cease to exist in the fashion world.

Try to adopt a classic style and keep your staple items high quality, but basic. You can then use accessories, hats, shoes and bags to liven each outfit up, depending on your mood or the occasion.

Now you know how to make the most of clothes shopping, so give it a go for yourself and watch your collection grow instantly.

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