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Diligently, she dedicates herself to rigorous practice sessions and diligently sets aside resources for upcoming tryouts. With unwavering determination, she strives to regain her cherished position in the world of sports, all spurred by the inspiration of a poignant quote.

However, her path took a tragic turn in January 2010. Navigating treacherous icy roads, her car careens and somersaults, propelling her forcefully through the window. This harrowing accident leaves her shattered, her T11 and T12 vertebrae irreparably damaged.

In a cruel twist of fate, she finds herself paralyzed from the waist down, necessitating a gruelling five-hour surgical intervention to stabilize her back – a back that could not ultimately be salvaged. Amberley Snyder, a nationally acclaimed barrel racer, emerges from this ordeal as a survivor, battling against insurmountable odds.

A spirited and determined young individual brimming with enthusiasm yearns for nothing less than claiming the top spot at the prestigious Britches rodeo. Despite putting forth a remarkable effort, she falls short with a time of 17.10 seconds, securing a respectable second place.

As the curtains are drawn back, her challenges unfold—grappling with the arduous process of readjusting to life after weeks spent in rehabilitation. The struggle to mount a horse and navigate a world without sensation in her legs is a poignant testament to her fortitude.

Amidst the heartbreak, the overwhelming sensation of being adrift, and the daunting clashes within her family and financial predicaments, she finds the inner strength to persevere, steadfastly pursuing her ultimate aspiration. The narrative is nothing short of awe-inspiring, making for a compelling cinematic experience.

Fast forward to the present, and we encounter a 20-year-old Amberley who is back in the saddle. With a triumphant victory at the rodeo in 2018 under her belt, she stands tall as a beacon of triumph over adversity. But her journey doesn’t end there. Now, she’s channelling her wisdom and experience to train others who, like her, are paralyzed yet yearning to ride. Her story is a remarkable testament to the human spirit’s unyielding capacity for resilience and transformation.

Interview With Walk, Ride, Rodeo - Survivor Amberly Snyder

I was super inspired to get an interview with Amberly about her thoughts, life changes after the film and what’s happening in the new year!

When Riding what goes through your mind during a competition?

“I just try to think through all my steps. Know I have prepared to get there and ride hard!”

Who is your biggest admirer? (Actor. Family. anything at all!) Who do you look up to and why?

“I look up to my family. I truly am blessed with the greatest people!”

What about music, Favourite band? Or the band you follow at the moment?

It changes a lot. My favourite song is the one I wrote with Max Ehrich. Ride.

You have been through so much; some of us know that struggle and loss; what (Apart from riding got you up in the morning)?

“My family.”

Interview With Walk, Ride, Rodeo - Survivor Amberly Snyder

What is your favourite dish to cook?

“Cheesy bacon potatoes…. mostly because everyone loves them.”

Now to some more personal questions, how were you getting back into a car again?

“I was excited to get the freedom back!”

Where would you love to travel next?

“I am not sure!! I travel a lot already! I also don’t know how accessible out-of-the-country places are.”

Last, of all, what have you planned for the next year?!

“Speaking, rodeo, family!! That’s always my plan.”

Interview With Walk, Ride, Rodeo - Survivor Amberly Snyder

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. I realize, maybe I won’t have control over every situation in my life. Maybe I don’t get to make every decision. But when I wake up in the morning, I get to decide my attitude. -…

And if that’s the only decision I get to make that day – I better make it a good one. Because with the right attitude, who knows what you can achieve? ”

Amberley Snyder
Amberley Snyder:

While making the film, did you know Amberly Snyder did the horse stunts on her horse, the real “Power,” so she would look “natural” during the scenes after the car accident? Her sister did the ones before the accident.

Check out the film on Netflix

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