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In the world of cuisine, sandwiches are one of the most flexible options. The PB&J or the ham and cheese sandwich is a good starting point, but there are many more items that you may put between two slices of bread. Rather than rely on our ingenuity, we consulted with the pros to learn how to make the best sandwiches possible.

However, if you’re stuck for ideas, here are 20 mouthwatering dishes to get your creative juices flowing. The ultimate BLT and fried chicken sandwich, vegan banh mi, and tuna salad two ways are just a few of the tantalizing selections on the menu.

Beet, Apple, and Goat Cheese Sandwich Recipe

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

For a refreshing yet hearty sandwich that you can pack for lunch in a breeze, this vegetarian beet and goat cheese sammie is a healthy, easy option.

Prosciutto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

Prosciutto Grilled Cheese Sandwich – caprese flavoured grilled cheese with fresh tomatoes, basil pesto, lots of fresh mozzarella cheese all wrapped in prosciutto then grilled until crisp!

Turkey Bacon Brie Grilled Cheese

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

This Turkey Bacon Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich is super easy and absolutely delicious! My favorite kind of food!

Steak & Onion Grilled Cheese

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

This is a grilled cheese with a muscle, made with steak, caramelized onions and sharp white cheddar!

Deluxe Egg Salad

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

Deluxe Egg Salad Sandwich is an Easter lunch menu idea packed with flavor! Take a fancy spin on the classic by adding in a few simple ingredients that take it over the top. An easy Easter treat perfect on its own or some bread, a croissant, or even on toast!

Grilled Ham and Brie Sandwich

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

This ham and Brie grilled cheese sandwich is piled high with thinly sliced ham, creamy Brie cheese, crispy granny smith apple and sweet blueberry jam for one scrumptious bite. Your belly is definitely gonna do a happy dance!

Balsamic Roasted Cherry, Dark Chocolate and Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

A summery grilled cheese sandwich with balsamic roasted cherries, dark chocolate and plenty of melted brie.

Lasagna Grilled Cheese Sandwich

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

An ooey gooey grilled cheese sandwich with roasted tomatoes and herbed ricotta.

Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese is stuffed with mozzarella, and pepperoni sandwiched between two pieces of buttery garlic toast. It’s a fun twist on a classic.

Grinder Sandwiches

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

You have to try this Grinder Sandwich! This Italian Grinder Sandwich contains ham, turkey, salami, pepperoni, a grinder salad, and cheese. Skip ordering from your favourite sandwich shop and stay in for this fully loaded sandwich recipe.

Slow Cooker Cuban Sandwich

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

My favorite Slow Cooker Cuban Sandwich recipe! The pork is made in the slow cooker with a flavorful mojo marinade. Each layer of this sandwich is packed with delicious ingredients that will blow you about.

Cucumber Sandwich

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

I worked at a sandwich shop that made these vegetable sandwiches stuffed with cucumbers, sprouts, tomatoes, and avocados.

Club Sandwich (Turkey, Ham, Bacon)

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

A club sandwich is a delicious deli classic, and it is s easy to make yourself at home. Turkey, ham, bacon, Colby jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on wheat toast.

Grilled Mozzarella Sandwich

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

This Grilled Mozzarella Sandwich is made with fresh tomatoes and walnut pesto grilled with sourdough bread. It’s easy to assemble and bursting with flavor!

The Ultimate Veggie Sandwich

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

Whether you’re vegetarian or not, this Ultimate Veggie Sandwich is so packed with flavor you won’t even miss the meat! From the onion & chive shmear to the sprouts and crunchy seeds + all the veggies in between you’re going to want this for lunch daily!

Grilled Cheese with Blueberry, Basil, & Moringa – Kuli Kuli Foods

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

This blueberry, basil & moringa grilled cheese is anything but boring! With gooey brie, fresh basil and french bread, you’ll say hello to your new favorite!

Bacon, Brie, and Apricot Grilled Cheese with Balsamic Reduction

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

This gourmet grilled cheese is AMAZING. Sweet, salty, and gooey! You can even make the balsamic reduction in the microwave!

Caramelized Onion Pear Grilled Cheese Sandwich

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

This grilled cheese sandwich is a savory, edible edition of the best fall ever.

Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

You cannot go wrong with these incredible Chicken Caesar Sandwiches! They’re filled with thinly sliced chicken, cheese and Caesar dressing!

Ham, Brie, Apple & Spinach

20 Super Sandwich Recipes

Ham, Brie, Apple & Spinach Panini with Homemade Honey Mustard Dressing…delicious combination of flavors for the gourmet sandwich lover! It’s also a great way to use up leftover Christmas or Easter ham!

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