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Meet Bobby Robertson, Scotland’s Next Big Hollywood Break!

Meet Bobby Robertson, Scotland’s Next BIG Hollywood Break!

Having met Bobby a while ago, I can say that this charismatic and outstanding actor has had a wild ride in the acting world, from thrilling movies as a soldier to working with top producers and actors from around the globe to presenting scenes with top directors and exciting moments that you HAVE to see.

Meeting Bobby was a great chance to talk and learn more about him, the music business, and his path to becoming a star.

She was raised in a working-class family and broke the mould by making a career as a professional actor. Having earned his recognition and never letting anyone get in the way, this creative actor tells us about his breathtaking road and the hurdles and experiences he has witnessed.

Watch out, Hollywood, you have a new Johnny Depp! (Scottish version!) From news, gossip and future projects, even a wee look into the past with old memories and projects can be found here!

Meet Bobby Robertson, Scotland’s Next BIG Hollywood Break!

“Every new project is exciting, I always relish the challenge of breathing life into a new character.”Bobby Robertson Such a sensational moment, I have managed to meet the splendid Bobby Robertson aka Scotland’s motivating actor.

Base your life on a philosophy to work hard and merit the rewards.” Bobby Robertson.

Meet Bobby Robertson, Scotland’s Next BIG Hollywood Break!

Hi Bobby, Thanks for taking the time to sit down and talk about your acting and inspiring career! Let’s start with a few fun questions: What is your best joke?! · “What’s Big, red and eats rocks? A Big red rock eater!”

Haha! That’s a good one! I will be using that! How would your friends and family describe you? “Ohhhh, I don’t know… maybe describe me as positive/encouraging!”

I can very much see that! If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? (Dead or alive, famous or not?). “Dinner with my hero, Freddie Mercury!”

What about your favourite fruit? “Watermelon”

Good shout! How did you start acting, and was it something you always wanted to do? “Yes, it’s going to be really manic over the next few months, especially. I am going to be working with my friend Alia E.

Torrie, who was nominated for a BAFTA in the short film ‘When The Tide Comes In’, which got great reviews. Alia will be directing ‘Shutter’, which is a short film too but also has me working with talented actress Jasmin Egner, who did a voiceover for one of my commercials I did years ago. So funny.”

You have so much going on; it must be fun having different days and new projects; you have been in the acting industry for many years now. Did you know you always wanted this career goal? “At school, there used to be an event they had every Friday called The Friday Club, which had you playing football in the big gym, playing pool, watching videos and EVEN having archery in the corridors, which was quite dangerous.

But some people didn’t attend the weekly drama class, which was in one of the rooms, with readings that I enjoyed. I reckon that Dr Bell’s Drama School in Leith gave me the acting bug. I went there at Primary school and loved it. Anna Tinline of the Edinburgh Acting School helped me in my later years. Brilliant teacher and lovely woman.”

Did you ever attend any acting schools or courses? “As a teenager, I got into drama school even though I lied about my age and was there a few months before having to give it up because of my letters of truancy from school. Coming from a working-class background never made anything easier either. My parents tried to discourage me from going in that direction.”

It’s a hard industry, getting into acting schools is ridiculously difficult! What has been the most exciting role you have ever had to play?“The most exciting role? I enjoyed playing Sgt Beasley in a short action film ‘REPEAT’ which I enjoyed immensely. In theatre, I loved playing Burke from Burke and Hare and loved doing that too. I reckon if you ask me again in a Years time I might give you different answers.”

Tell us a little more about your last project.The last couple of projects I actually did were small but quite pivotal. I played the part of Dr. Edwin Romero in Prescription R, which was directed by Andrew Dobbie and will be working with Andrew again on a major project I am working on. The other is online comedy M.U.F.F., where I played Daniel Sloss’ teacher in the first episode.”

That’s amazing! You must meet loads of interesting people and make great connections! What about the most embarrassing thing you have encountered in the industry? “The most embarrassing moment I had was going on stage in a pair of y-fronts. I get hit by the character, fell on the chair and one of my bits was hanging out. Nuff said, lol.”

Oh, that’s so awkward, but it’s all about improvising! If you could work with any actor, who would it be and why? “I love De Niro, Pacino, etc but I would love to work with Nicolas Cage. I know he has his critics and he is like marmite with people but I like him.”

Ah, that’s exciting—a good choice! What about the director? “Steven Spielberg!”

This is an interview question: where would you like to be with your acting career in 3 years? “In 3 years, I hope to be established in my own country first. I hope to make more films and TV stuff. Every year seems to get better for me up to now so hopefully things will be phenomenal then.”

You have done what Scotland is grateful for by displaying acting talent! Do you still get nervous on set? Or does it just come naturally? “I do get nervous, but it’s good to be nervous. “Whether you have a large or small audience, theatre is terrifying.”

What would be your favourite movie you could watch over and over again? “I have lots of favourite movies but I LOVE the Star Wars films and I can watch The Empire Strikes Back over and over again.”

What about if you could have three actors’ talents, Who would you take? “3 actors talents? Johnny Depp’s, De Niro’s, and I love Harrison Ford.”

Now that is talent in a cup! How many overall films have you done? “If you include short and feature,. Around 10. Ask again in a year’s time.”

Would you like to tell us what is next for you so we can keep our eyes peeled? “Like I said, the coming months will be busy. I’ll be doing Shutter, I’ll be in the zombie film Facility of the Living Dead, and I’ll also be working with my friend Scott Watson on Flight 13, which will be exciting. I’m also doing a couple of feature films, but I can’t say anything about them just now. I have a good agent as well, and I am sure she will get some more good jobs for me.”

I am also working on a feature film with comedienne Ria Lina and hope to be scripting it soon. A fascinating project.”

Our readers will LOVE that! What would be your best and known acting line? You are Scottish so we can only imagine some hearty good moments! “aye!”?“When I was in REPEAT I keep getting reminded of saying ‘Rooster’ quite a few times.”

Lastly, what advice would you give to other inspiring actors wanting to enter the industry?! “My advice would be to keep working hard at your art. When all seems lost and you are in a rut or a crap job, keep dreaming and keep working away at it. Make the most of your time in life.”

Meet Bobby Robertson, Scotland’s Next BIG Hollywood Break!

Straight from the man himself, Bobby spills the beans! Bringing his dreams to fruition isn’t just about networking; it’s fueled by pure passion!

Exciting ventures lie ahead, and Bobby is your go-to guy! His expertise, positivity, and journey are truly inspiring and uplifting. I’m eagerly anticipating what’s in store next! Dive into his world at #excited.com!


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