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The Beach Lars plays Bugsy alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel York, Virginie Ledoyen, Tilda Swinton, and a slew of other Danny Boyle actors. when asked how it felt to film side by side. featuring his character, as well as the creative and inspirational director.

Interview with actor Lars, aka "Buggs" from "The Beach"

It was my first big production, so everything was great. Three months in Thailand, the people, the crew, the cast, everything.” Quoted by Lars Arentz-Hansen.

Interview with actor Lars, aka "Buggs" from "The Beach"
Lars with Co Star Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach

I was so thrilled when Lars agreed to be interviewed. His work and eye for living the life of an actor is so encouraging, having all over the world, studied law and moved into the entertainment industry his adventures grow with excitement all the time!

A few must-know questions that some wanted to know. Having traveled to the filming location gave me a lot of insight into Lars and the cast and crew’s three-month experience on paradise.

When asked how the audition for his role on The Beach went, Lars answered:

Before a screen test, I met casting director Gail Stevens and filmmaker Danny Boyle. I was one of “the Swedes” but knew Americans wouldn’t regard me as a blonde, blue-eyed Scandi. In a break during the audition, I asked Danny if they’d cast Bugs, knowing he was South African in Alex Garland’s novel that the film is based on. I read for that, then was turned down for the Swedes three weeks later and, assuming that was it, got the invitation to play Bugs three weeks later.”

Interview with actor Lars, aka "Buggs" from "The Beach"

Having been exposed to numerous amounts of exciting opportunities and open doors. He has truly created a fantastic future for himself. Having seen his international work on TV series as well as movies.

Thanks so much for making the time to talk I must ask you studied Law for some time. When did you first know you wanted to become an actor?

“Well, I studied law in Oslo, Norway, where I come from. Then I moved to Cape Town, to study drama – at the University of Cape Town, a fine drama school, I might add 🙂 I always wanted to become an actor, but was never sure whether I actually would become one. It just wasn’t the kind of profession one would go into where I come from. “

How long were you living in Cape Town for?

“I’ve been living (here) on/off since 1993, with a four-year spell in London, and also a year or so in LA.”

Very well traveled, If you could spend the rest of your life anywhere in the world where would it be? Why?

“Somewhere warm, no idea exactly where. I come from Norway and I inherently hate the cold.”

Interview with actor Lars, aka "Buggs" from "The Beach"

Oh do I know that! What has been your favourite role so far in your acting career?

“That must be a stage production a long time ago, of Christopher Hampton’s ‘Total Eclipse’. I played Verlaine, a weak, soaked and ill-tempered French poet that lived in France in the 1850’s. The stage play was later filmed, with Leo DiCaprio and David Thewlis playing the leads.

That sounds like an extremely hard character to portray but thrilling, what role would you love to play that you haven’t yet?

“Any character with substance is a good role.”

Interview with actor Lars, aka "Buggs" from "The Beach"

Tell us a bit more about the scariest part of an audition.

“I always thought it was to dry out, not remembering my words. But the honest answer is the dread of being emotionally flat. One of those days with just … dulling overcast. Then you find yourself ‘chasing’ the emotion, which is never a good thing. “

I guess it’s that being in that place at that time and doing what you can, it’s always frightening, what is the strangest thing a role required you to do?

“Except for the slightly awkward sex scenes I had to do in a Norwegian series years ago, the first thing that springs to mind is, during a shoot, spending ages in icy cold river water in Spain in wintertime. In the end, I refused; they gave me a bottle of whisky, which, shivering and shuddering, I drank as much as I could gulp down, then continued the scene. In the end, I didn’t mind; I was so cold, I must have been the rocks in my own whisky, and, with a shrill voice and near death, claimed to be a Norwegian salmon!”

What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you were first starting out as an actor?

“Just to relax and ease into things more.”

If you could choose, which three actors would you really want to work with?

Interview with actor Lars, aka "Buggs" from "The Beach"

“Daniel Day Lewis, Meryl Streep and Dame Judi Dench. “

Fantastic lineup! What’s the worst part about being an actor?

“The constant worry about where the next job is coming from.”

Very easy to imagine, exciting but nerve wreaking at times. What’s the best part of being an actor?

“Booking a job and easing off that particular worry.”

Do you think you really understood what you were in for when you decided you wanted to become an actor?

“Not really, I must admit. “

What were the best bits of filming The Beach?

Interview with actor Lars, aka "Buggs" from "The Beach"

“It was my first big production, so everything was great. Three months in Thailand, the people, the crew, the cast, everything. “

I wish I could say I imagine, it must have been out of this world! You played the role of the groups carpenter, are you really good with handiwork?

“It’s not the first time I’ve played a carpenter, I’ve done it at least four times now, and I’m really not all that great at carpentry, I must admit.”

What was it like to work with such up-and-coming actors and actresses?

“It was a mix of highly skilled, almost veteran actors (despite not being old at all!) – and newcomers. It was great. “

Last but not least, what is the next big project you are planning on doing?

“I have my own two scripts in the pipeline, which I really would like to get made. Do you know anyone with lots of money?”

Interview with actor Lars, aka "Buggs" from "The Beach"

There you have it from Lars himself, without wanting to return to law but continue the life in the entertainment industry I am so excited what other talents he will surprise us with in the coming future.

Be sure to check out his next exciting pieces of work and I bet you are all off to watch The Beach now.

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