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Formed in New York City in 1996, Fountains of Wayne has become a global hit, ranging from singles which hit the emotional spot, such as “All Kinds of Time”, to sound systems like “Stacy’s Mom” which is still played religious consistently throughout clubs, pubs and radios as well as my personal favourite bringing hits in from many movie soundtracks.

” Fountains of Wayne’s song “Hey Julie” “Madison Square Garden shows and losing 2 Grammys.” Quoted by Jody Porter,

“Mexican Wine”.“I think we were surprised, but knew it had potential to be a hit.” Replies Jody when asked about (Stacy’s Mom) single being such a large hit.

The Interstate Managers is the third album by power pop band Fountains of Wayne. It was released on S-Curve in 2003.

When asked what it’s like being on tour with this creative band, Jody replies, “Lots of tomfoolery in the early days. More refined now.” When asked what it’s like being on tour with the creative band.

Fountains of Wayne Guitarist Jody

To this day, have you a song which is your favourite?

“Usually whatever we are working on. It changes from show to show, but in the studio I get excited by what’s being created.” I was ecstatic to interview Jody and find the fantastic scoops of the road with the band and the fun facts, with questions as personal as – What CD is in your car stereo right now? Jody replied,” Primal Scream.” If you weren’t a musician, what would you have been?” Taxidermist”

Why a taxidermist?

“Because the historic preservation society wasn’t hiring.”

Has anything crazy ever happened on tour? What is it like?

“Too much to mention, usually, Japan tours are completely insane. Bunch of old friends on a tour bus or flying around the globe. Same 4 guys, same four jokes over the last decade and a half. Good times.”

Fountains of Wayne Guitarist Jody

How did the band form?” What made you all get together with the same ideas and tastes?

“Adam was in my band after we left the UK and he and Chris had a band in college, so we all just drifted together to form Fountains of Wayne. We all have the same influences so it gels musically most of the time.”

How long does it take to make an average single? (Names of the song)

“Depends. We usually have it ironed out before tracking it. The recording goes rather quickly then there’s the mixing and mastering and manufacturing processes that take the most time before it’s all there.”

What is it like on tour?

“Exhausting at times, but mostly the traveling. Being on a bus for months can become redundant.”

Have you ever cried because a song moved you so much? If so, what was it?

“Happy birthday and In my Life.”

There you have it from Jody himself! Check out his latest work, “Month of Mondays”, solo IP, which will be out soon!!! I’m sure you will all be jamming to Stacy’s Mom today! I know I will!

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