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One word – Astonishing! This is how I would describe the newly and upcoming band “The Jellymans Daughter”. A phenomenal band, which has such unique, different and diverse chords and use of vocals.

Accompanying them are their cellos and acoustic guitar. Such an inventive use of notes and melodies, which makes the hairs on your arm stick up and certainly a ticket grabbing moment.

“It’s a mystery… We invite people to make up their own – if you’re reading this and can think of an interesting story, then send it to us and we’ll adopt that as the official line.”

Quoted by singer and cello player, Graham Coe, when asked the meaning behind not only the songs but the actual name of the band, “The Jellymans daughter”

The group started back in 2011, are an Edinburgh-based band duo featuring Emily Kelly and Graham Coe. They come together with their unique abilities within the music industry with vocal harmonies complimented by the cello and acoustic guitar. With super catchy and upbeat tunes such as “The One You’re Leaving” and swaying notes like “Honey” – their newly released single.

Performing in small pubs and making their way through the Fringe Festival, presenting their talents, they have come such a long way and completed their first EP playing alongside Danny Kyle at Celtic Connections, showcasing at the Wide Days, (Which is where I first saw them and fell in love with their use and connectional songs) Their latest single “Honey” received a 4 star review in The List. Which has brought them such tremendous success. We just missed them in Henry’s Cellar Bar in Edinburgh on the 18th June but don’t miss them at the following locations:

  • 27/07/14 – Perth – Southern Fried Festival,
  • 04-06/07/14 – Largs – Kelburn Garden Party
  • 19/08/14 – Edinburgh – Electric Circus supporting Samantha Crain

They are continuing to spread their love of music and ability to the world, making Edinburgh proud! More dates will be released soon, as well as spontaneous gigs, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on their site! Personally thinking – Scotland needs their own show of talents!

I just had to ask, one of many to come…any pets? Emily Kelly responded for all you pet lovers

“I am super allergic to animal fur, which is a bummer. Otherwise, we’d have a bunch of pugs and one old Airedale Terrier to keep ‘em in line :)”

Enough of my chitchat, let me introduce the next biggest music act Edinburgh will see this coming Festival! Where they answer your questions, fun facts and must knows to their success! If you truly want something and work hard enough for,you can achieve anything!

You guys are so unique and creative. How did you get the idea to create this musical creation?

Graham: After meeting on the same course at university we bonded over our mutual admiration of Turin Brakes and Early Muse, while also introducing each other to new things. Eventually we started playing music together and making home recordings in the wee hours until we were offered a gig at Hogmanay in Aberdeen, at which point we decided to be a proper band. Feels like a long time ago!

Emily, Your voice is just breathless! Did you have any professional training? If so, where?

Emily: Thank you 🙂 Yes I’ve had all sorts of training and different teachers. Some fantastic and dubious experiences. My most recent training was at Edinburgh Napier University (where my degree focus was voice) I learned a great deal from Renee Stefanie about anatomy and how to achieve different vocal styles.

How did you all start working together and wanting the same thing?

Graham: It happened pretty naturally. I don’t think we ever talked about a specific direction. A large influence on our sound was the combination of Emily introducing me to the Bluegrass cello style (specifically Rushed Eggleston – look him up fellow cellos!) and hearing the now-disbanded duo the Civil Wars and their awesome vocal harmonies. I guess we were always just thinking along the same lines. Convenient!

Have you a best track you love to perform?

Emily: I love playing “The One You’re Leaving;” it’s so fun and upbeat and doesn’t take itself seriously at all. The A Cappella line ‘Go fall on your face’ is my favourite bit.

As for shows, anything crazy or interesting ever happened while performing?

Graham: There was one gig where Emily’s guitar strap broke off mid-song, which left her singing and attempting to play while standing on one leg trying to hold up the guitar with the other. It was pretty ridiculous, especially as it was one of those pin-drop-quiet gigs. We can laugh now!

What have you got planned for the rest of the year in terms of tracks or events?

Emily: This is the first year we’ve played summer festivals (last year we were eyes deep in university submissions). We’re doing Kelburn, Southern Fried Festival, Glasgow Americana and most likely a lot of Fringe busking. We are also releasing our debut album this year and there will be a lot of planning around that.

Graham: The Cello and your focus to playing is amazing, having played since the age of 7 has it always been something you wanted to focus on future wise?

Graham: You are too kind. I had a shady patch in my mid-teen years where I was too interested in heavy metal and being a rock god. The classical pieces I was learning on cello at the time didn’t allow for the same amount of grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I was lucky enough to have an unbelievably patient teacher and around age 18 I started actually practising again. If I had the opportunity to go back in time and tell mid-teenage Graham to go play your damn cello for once, I wouldn’t though – I feel those years of excessively overdriven guitars and AWESOME RIFFAGE shaped the way I play the cello now.

As a band have you all got the same ideas of what you want and where you are heading?

Emily: Just having two of us in the band makes decisions like that a bit easier, I’m thankful for it. The dream would be to make a comfortable living from our music. We know that will take a lot of effort and dedication and we also have part time ‘normal’ jobs to support ourselves at the moment, but we’re playing the long game.

If you as a band could play on stage with anyone who would it be and why?

Graham: Chris Thile, without a doubt. He is pretty much the most talented musician in the world – bold statement I know but he really is unbelievable. He’s mainly a mandolin player and singer/songwriter, and he generally does everything amazingly, but also just seems like a fun guy. Playing with him might not work out though, I’d be too tempted to turn around on stage mid-song and drool in awe of his ridiculous skills!

Who write the songs and where is your inspiration gained?

Emily: It’s pretty much a 50/50 split when it comes to songwriting. Graham’s strength is the cool chords and solid theory knowledge whereas I tend to write more lyrics and melody but having said that we have often switched those roles. Every idea is discussed and decided on together. Our inspiration comes from any piece of good music that has an impact on us. Bluegrass, Rock, and Pop – we like to mix them up.

Since starting as a band what has been the most memorable moment?

Emily: Tough one! We’ve had some great gigs like playing on the Danny Kyle stage at Celtic Connections and showcasing for Wide Days, those two were special for us. For me the most memorable moment was writing our first EP. We’d never written together before and we had a deadline, which meant it all got written and recorded in two weeks. Manic, but so satisfying. We had the riff for Carolina and 5 hours left ‘til the deadline. Graham and I locked ourselves away in different rooms – I had to write the lyrics and he had to come up with the chorus.

Few fun questions for you! Describe each of your styles in fashion in 3 words?

Graham: Beardy Bluegrass Hipster

Emily: Whatever I want 🙂

Favourite places to eat in Edinburgh?

Emily: Sushi – Kanpai (Grindlay Street) Tapas – Cafe Andaluz (George Street) Steak – Shebeen (man vs. food style) (Morrison Street) Cafes – Salt Cafe and the Zulu Lounge (Morningside)

Graham: I agree, but also: Papii (Hanover Street) or Hula Bar (Victoria Street) for amazing coffee and lunchy food. We are total foodies – good question hehe!

Favourite Disney film? (If you like Disney of course)

Graham: Lion King, obviously. So epic. Fun fact: the opening lines of the Circle of Life translated to English are “Here comes a lion, Father. Oh yes, it’s a lion”. It’s a perfectly valid statement, but I’m glad they kept to the Zulu version.

Emily: Hercules! Best soundtrack everrr, plus Danny DeVito 🙂

Any music videos in the making? Or exciting events for your lovely fans?

Graham: We just released the video for ‘Honey’, which was fun to make, but also pretty chilly. There’s a story about a violin, another violin and a stone wall but it’s too painful to remember. We have another video up our sleeve, which we’ll release at some point over summer, so keep yer eyes peeled! We were lucky to have worked with such a talented and patient team.

Coolest person you have ever met?

Emily: They say never meet your idols but Chris Thile exceeded expectations. How can he be so cool? So humble and lovely!

Any words of advice for people who want to follow your footsteps?

Graham: It’s hard not to say something clichéd like ‘Be original’ but it’s sort of true. There’s far too much of everything in the music scene these days so to peep your head above the massive crowd it helps to have something that makes you notable. Also, attend events like Off the Record, Wide Days, and Words & Music, Go NORTH – the panels are great but the networking is essential for creating opportunities for yourself.

Emily: Be nice to the sound guy, and everybody else for that matter. Politeness goes a long way. My Grandad once told us to “keep on truckin” so we do 🙂

There you have it! I couldn’t had said it better myself! Check out the latest on their Facebook page and site! As well as their songs at Band Camp!

2014 will be an exciting year for Emily and Graham, as it will see the band release their debut album. Exciting stuff is in the making! Don’t miss out!

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