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Jamie & Shoony” is a high-energy indie rock band with bouncy urban vibes. I managed to grab a few minutes of their time to find out about their adventures. You know how it goes; we love to gossip, experiences, and just good old banter!

“Hello there, I am Jamie from the Edinburgh band “Jamie & Shoony!””

What more can I say for an introduction!

"Jamie & Shoony" Reach the Charts!

This Edinburgh award-based band hit the Scottish charts in 2013, making a banging name for themselves. Introducing Jamie on vocals, Shoony on guitar, and Richard on drums, this trio has built up their love of music and created a great muse of tunes. They get the crowd going with their fans’ support and their unique mixture of extreme air jumping gigs to electrifying performances.

In October, “Jamie & Shoony” sold out at ‘The Liquid Room’ where they performed for their self-promoted headline gig. They have played at six summer festivals and an incredible 25 shows at the Edinburgh fringe! They recently played at the hard rock cafe on Edinburgh’s famous George Street; they certainly had the crowd rocking it!

Amazingly hitting the Scottish charts and making a name for themselves in 2013, they have built up their love of music and created a great muse of tunes, starting from scratch with supportive fans. Their unique blend of extreme air jumping gigs and electrifying performances captures the audience’s attention with heart-pounding beats.

They are selling out The Liquid Rooms in October for their self-promoted headline gig, promoting and exciting the audience at six summer festivals, and played an impressive 25 shows at the Edinburgh fringe where their heart lies—hitting up the hard rock café on Edinburgh’s George Street. Yap the Chachinnnng Street of Edinburgh central. They got the crowd rocking it out with their last-minute gig in February this year.

"Jamie & Shoony" Reach the Charts!

They were not stopping there! Jamie and Shoony won the Radios Forth ‘One to Watch Award in November 2012. They were also having the unique experience of meeting Kelly Jones from The Stereophonics, which was held, at the Usher Hall on Lothian, where they had their award given directly by Jim Gellatly himself (exciting stuff!).

“These friendly guys, beloved by fans, recommend Rascals American Diner for dinner, praising its delicious food. I’ll definitely be heading there for milkshakes! Now, let’s hear Jamie’s insights on their musical journey!”

Enough of my ranting and mouth-gabbing. I think it’s time to ask Jamie some questions!

So Jamie, What makes you, as a band, super unique? “We go against the grain in a traditional band sense, as we only have guitar, vocals and drums. We mash together lots of genres to create our own interpretation of music and live entertainment. Come see us live and experience it for yourself to see what we are all about!”

Who writes the songs, and where is your inspiration gained?

Shoony compwritehe music and I (Jamie) writes the lyrics and melodies. We can gain inspiration from each other and everything around us.”

Let’s get into how you all started working together and wanting the same thing within the music industry?”

The three of us all went to Portobello High School, and that’s how we know each other, but we didn’t start playing until a few years later we were all doing different music projects in Edinburgh when we crossed paths and joined forces. We want to take our music in front of as many people as possible.”

You are all so creative many instruments can you play?

“Shoony our guitarist is the musical one of us, he was the drummer in his last band and has so far played and recorded guitar, bass, drums and keyboard for us while I (Jamie) also play guitar myself.”

Have you the best track you love to perform?

At the moment our new song ‘Been Everywhere’ is defo up there as it has lots of crowd participation in the chanted chorus a,nd is so much fun to play. Also our cover of Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Bonkers’ has to get a special mention as it always gets everyone going a bit mental (or Bonkers).”

What about gigs? Anything unusual or exciting happen while you’re on stage?

“YES! All the time. I (Jamie) have a wireless mic so I get to run off stage, climb amp speaker stacks and get up to all sorts at shows. During the Fringe Festival last year we played at this awesome venue called the Cowshed it was basically an old garage that got cleaned out and filled with hay bells and alcohol. There was this 6ft. barrel sitting to the right hand side of the stage and one night I stepped onto it singing away to the crowd, as ye do.

"Jamie & Shoony" Reach the Charts!

We played there again,a couple of nights later and mid-way through our set I decided to do it again but this time way more gallus and jumped on it and burst right through the old thing! Everyone in the place gave a bit of gasp before I (Jamie) just continued to sing away n popped my head up out n just kept going from inside the barrel. Everyone was in a fit of laughter and I somehow managed to disguise the pain with adrenaline so yeah Barrel 1 Jamie 0….”

Uh oh….On the bright side of things…everyone loves a Homer Simpson moment! Moving on! I love the song ‘Why do I’. Where did the inspiration for that come from? “

The inspiration behind the song was a situation one of my friends was in where he felt as if he was pleasing everyone but himself and instead of facing this problem just turned to drink as a way of trying to escape. The song is about realizing you’re stuck in a vicious cycle and trying to break out.”

We have shared stages with Model Airplanes, Vigo Thieves, Hector Bizerk, Bombskare, Mickey 9s and many more who are massive in our eyes and constantly pushing boundaries for Scottish music.

Are any music videos in the making?

“We want to record our next music video at M&D’s Theme Park! So yeah maybe we should ask Kelly Jones himself to star in our next video, ha-ha.”

What have you planned for the rest of the year regarding tracks or events? “Is there anything you are really excited about?”

We just played the Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow on Wednesday 18th June before Main Stage slots at both Loch Lomond Boat Party and Audio Soup Festival. We have been in the studio recording our new single so hope to have the music video shot and out before the Fringe Festival in August.”

One of their YouTube videos, in which they simply walk into Asda and spontaneously break into song, has received a lot of attention. The video got them a few famous fans, including Tommy Cunningham from Wet Wet Wet. He watched the video and then commented on Real Radio, “These guys are the future of Scottish music, and they are pure nutters!”

There you have it from “Jamie and Shoony” themselves! Check out their next acts or gigs; they will be playing at Voodoo Rooms on July 24th for SOUND’s Charity Event, so be sure to tag along for their super entertaining performances; they could be anywhere! How many bands randomly break out into songs in your local supermarket? And to think I am always in Tesco’s! Slight chance of shop me thinks aye!

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