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Discover What Geordie Shore is All About

Geordie Shore Then and Now 2021Geordie Shore Then and Now 2021

Geordie Shore was unlike any other television show. It premiered as the first true British reality TV series, and its popularity has only grown since.

The premise of Geordie Shore is straightforward: the cast members leave the house after a day of work to party it up in local clubs while getting completely wasted for the cameras of a national television show.

From the cast who've done it all, this is what Geordie Shore is like.

Exactly what else could a person want at age 20? Fans of Geordie Shore may think the show is perfect, but a lot is going on behind the scenes that they don’t see.

The stars of the MTV show have opened up about the realities of life on “Geordie Shore,” including how demanding and time-consuming the lifestyle can be. Everything you wanted to know about the making of Geordie Shore but were afraid to ask is right here.

The cast members reside throughout the clock, and working conditions can be “very demanding.”

From the cast who've done it all, this is what Geordie Shore is like.

Charlotte Crosby, a former cast member of Geordie Shore who Vice interviewed in 2019, shared the truth about how exhausting it is to be a star on the show.

Charlotte recently revealed to fans that the Geordie Shore cast members all share a house together and that they essentially never leave. Also, Charlotte says that doing green screens twice a week makes up “about 70 percent of the work.”

“I wouldn’t change that for the world since I’ve learnt so many skills from doing it. It’s mentally exhausting rather than physically draining. Perhaps they want you to remember a period when you and your partner were having a heated dispute, instructing you to “Be furious, you’ve got to deliver this angrily.” Charlotte has found that it is “very exhausting” on her mind to turn her emotions on and off constantly.


People on Geordie Shore “do the longest hours you’ll ever know,” as Charlotte, who has since left the show and is now expecting her first child with her partner, told us. She claimed they have to get up “before the crack of dawn” to get ready, and since there are no stylists or make-up artists, everyone does their own hair and makeup. After finishing their day’s work, they’ll need to change into their party clothes and hit the town.

From the cast who've done it all, this is what Geordie Shore is like.

The consumption of alcohol is strictly regulated.

Extreme alcohol consumption is a trademark of the Geordie Shore cast. If you ask me, the cast should be allowed to drink as much as they want, as evidenced by when Chloe Ferry fought a tree and someone later puked in the corner.

In reality, the norms of alcohol consumption differ from what one may assume. Abbie Holborn said that when they go out, their drinking is “monitored” after she did an Instagram Q&A. Abbie responded when asked if they have a drink limit,

“Yeah, all of our drinking is regulated. The bartender said, “Given that we’re not completely wasted, we can have a few more.”

From the cast who've done it all, this is what Geordie Shore is like.

While it might seem like the cast members are constantly on the verge of financial ruin given how often they go out for drinks and attend red-carpet events, nothing could be further from the truth. Abbie Holborn assured me that MTV covers all costs.

Abbie responded to a question about who pays for dates by saying, “We don’t have our bank cards, everything is paid for by MTV,” in an Instagram Q&A. That sounds great!

The actors aren’t paid, and Anna isn’t even in charge of them.

From the cast who've done it all, this is what Geordie Shore is like.

One characteristic of Geordie culture is that people spend their day working to fund their evenings out. However, they do not receive payment for their efforts. According to Gaz Beadle, work is “part and parcel of being there.”

He encouraged me to face my fears, saying, “You’ve just got to do it, they’re horrible as well. I was under the impression that I was being compensated for my time in the first season. I had four shirtless parties for Anna because I was broke.

Anna is the fake director who arrives to tell the actors what they’ll be doing all day. Gaz revealed that Anna isn’t their boss and they get their orders from someone else. The reality is, though, that she tours with Geordie Shore. In the words of Marty, “She’s making a fortune. As the kids say, “She’s hot.”

They are only allowed one phone call every three days and must turn in their phones.

In an interview, Nathan Henry, a star of the MTV reality show Geordie Shore, said that the cast members are required to stay in the show’s mansion for five weeks, with the only exceptions being for work and clubbing.

From the cast who've done it all, this is what Geordie Shore is like.

Nathan stated that you may make one phone call every three days. When I had a big argument with Sophie, I would pull out my phone, send some text messages, and complain to my friends. Without your phones, you have no choice but to deal with them head-on.

Geordie Shore is like Big Brother, but you’re allowed a phone call, Sophie Kasaei told The Sun.

The boys will only take someone home if they can verify their sobriety and identity with a passport.

According to Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers, the Daily Star reports that if a cast member wants to bring someone back to the house for sex, that person must present their passport to the show’s producers.

From the cast who've done it all, this is what Geordie Shore is like.

They need a passport for identification, and they have to go record a video where they admit they are going to have sex,” said Aaron. A form must be signed at that point. Afterwards, they need an hour or so to sober up before meeting us.

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