The romance between Wednesday and Xavier.

Jenna Ortega and Percy Hynes White, who both appeared in Wednesday, are currently in Utah to shoot a romantic comedy.

In a recent interview to promote the popular Netflix show, Percy said that they were working on a movie together.

Percy gushed about working with Jenna to Popternative. As of right moment, she is also a cast member in the film I am shooting in Utah. To put it simply, our time together is enjoyable.

Fans have discovered details about the movie they are making, although it has not been announced.

We follow Remi and Barnes, two very different high school seniors, as they meet by chance during the winter of their senior year in the romantic comedy Winter Spring Summer or Fall. Their lives are profoundly altered by the four days they spend together a year later.

According to her Instagram, filming on the feature, written by About Fate author Tiffany Paulsen, began at the end of October in Salt Lake City.

Earlier this week, Jenna and Percy were also photographed working together on site. You can watch it right here!

Jenna is also working on Scream 6, a Yes Day sequel (though it’s not official that she’s in it), a horror movie with Brittany Snow, a movie called Miller’s Girl, and a movie called Finestkind, which will come out on Paramount+.

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