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26 Reason You Found Your Best FriendHere are 8 more female friendship shows after "Grace and Frankie."

Narcissists & True Friends: Navigating the Friend-Ship

I need to embark on a journey through the complex and dynamic world of friendships. Picture this: we’re navigating a vast ocean, where understanding and managing different personalities is akin to steering through unpredictable waters. We’ll be identifying the ‘narcissistic icebergs’ and appreciating the ‘safe …

Traveling Asia: A Journey of Wonder and What to Watch Out For!GENKI Asian Dining

Traveling Asia: A Journey of Wonder and What to Watch Out For!

Asia, a continent so diverse and rich in culture, is a bucket list destination for many travelers. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene beaches of Thailand, there’s something for everyone. But as with any adventure, it’s essential to go prepared. Here’s your …

Obliterated: Netflix's Rollercoaster - Season 2 Teasers?Obliterated: Netflix's Rollercoaster - Season 2 Teasers?

Obliterated: Netflix’s Rollercoaster – Season 2 Teasers?

“Obliterated” is a rollicking Netflix comedy that burst onto the scene, immediately garnering attention for its unique blend of humour and action. The show made its debut on the streaming platform, shaking things up with its offbeat style and larger-than-life characters. I love this show! …