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Want to spend more time with Hardin and Tessa?

You’re not the only one who feels this way; after watching Netflix’s After We Fell, many people are itching for more.

After Roger Kumble’s After We Collided, the sequel to 2019’s After, the series’ first film debuted. Fans of Anna Todd’s novels have lauded the performances of Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford for bringing the main characters to life.

After Ever Happy Release Date: When Will The Sequel Be On Netflix?

However, this does not mean the journey is over. Let’s look at the release date of After Ever Happy, which is currently in production.

September 7th, 2022, has been set as the release date for After Ever Happy.

Because it will be released theatrically on this date, fans can immediately catch the franchise’s fourth instalment on the big screen.

After Ever Happy Release Date: When Will The Sequel Be On Netflix?

Even though there are no showtimes, it’s a good idea to check out your local cinema in the last week of August to see if you can snag a ticket. Popularity is expected to be high at the film screenings.

The author has also written a prequel novel, Before, which will be adapted. There isn’t a fifth book in the main continuity, but there is already an announcement about a fifth film to follow up After Ever Happy, with the two central actors reprising their roles.

After Ever Happy Release Date: When Will The Sequel Be On Netflix?

Forecast for Netflix’s release date

As soon as After Ever Happy is released, many fans wonder when it will be available on Netflix and where the previous instalments were viewed.

Although no specific date has been set, the most recent film to hit theatres may hint at a potential release date after We Fell premiered on Netflix on January 17th, 2022, exactly one year after its September 2021 release date.

In light of this, it’s possible that After Ever Happy will finally arrive on Netflix in January 2023.

After all, where do people ever find happiness?

There will be time jumps in Anna’s 2015 novel, which will be adapted for the big screen in 2022.

Below is a synopsis of the film:

After Ever Happy Release Date: When Will The Sequel Be On Netflix?

“Hardin’s impenetrable facade is shattered by a revelation about the past, and then Tessa suffers a tragedy that threatens their relationship.” As the shocking truths about their respective families come to light, it becomes apparent that the two lovers aren’t all that different.

When Hardin first met Tessa, she was a “sweet, simple, good girl,” the synopsis continues. “… She fell head over heels for that he’s any less of the cruel, moody boy.


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