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The iconic liars are back, and this time, summer school just got a whole lot more interesting! #PLLSummerSchool premieres on HBO Max on Thursday, May 9th, promising a season packed with mystery, drama, and of course, a touch of danger.

The Liars Are Back and Facing New Challenges

Our favorite leading ladies are returning for another season of intrigue. Here’s a look at who’s who:

  • Bailee Madison reprises her role as the headstrong and independent Imogen. She’s determined to start over this summer, despite the Rosewood drama still haunting her.
  • Chandler Kinney returns as the artistic and witty Hanna. With a summer job at the local ice cream shop, she’s hoping for some lighthearted fun, but trouble seems to follow the Liars wherever they go.
  • Zaria brings back the brilliant and tech-savvy Spencer. Always up for a challenge, Spencer is ready to tackle the mysteries lurking beneath the surface of their seemingly idyllic summer town.
  • Malia Pyles steps back into the shoes of the athletic and empathetic Emily. Yearning for normalcy, Emily hopes summer school will offer a chance to heal and reconnect with her friends.
  • Maia Reficco joins the cast as the mysterious and guarded Noa. Fresh out of juvenile detention, Noa finds herself reunited with a shady character from her past, stirring up trouble for the group.

A talented supporting cast that includes both newcomers and some Rosewood regulars is present with these outstanding actresses.

Sneak Peek: Trouble in Paradise

While details are under wraps, here are some juicy hints about what awaits the Liars:

  • Summer School, Not Summer Fun: Forced to attend summer classes, the Liars find themselves trapped with a group of unfamiliar faces and a new set of social dynamics.
  • A Shady Town Full of Secrets: Their seemingly quaint summer destination mليئة بالأسرار (millie bil-asrar) – Arabic for “full of secrets” – hides a dark underbelly. Can they trust anyone in this new town?
  • A New Threat Emerges: Just when they thought they’d left “A” behind, a new villain emerges, determined to make their summer a nightmare.
  • Old Flames and New Sparks: As summer romances blossom, the Liars navigate complicated feelings and face the question: is it real love or just a summer fling?

Fun Bits to Get You Excited

Here are some juicy tidbits to tide you over until the premiere:

  • Fashionably Fierce: The Liars are known for their killer style, and summer school is no exception. Expect poolside glamour, summer school chic, and some unexpected wardrobe choices.
  • Summer Lovin’: Will there be any summer flings for the Liars? Romance is definitely in the air, with new love interests and unresolved feelings from the past causing a stir.
  • Intrigue at Every Turn: From hidden agendas to suspicious characters, there’s never a dull moment in this new chapter. Get ready for shocking twists, cliffhangers, and secrets that will leave you guessing.

Where to Watch the Killer Summer Unfold

Catch all the mystery, drama, and summer fun exclusively on HBO Max. Start binge-watching Pretty Little Liars to refresh your memory on all the past drama, then get ready for a whole new chapter to begin on May 9th!

So, ditch those boring summer plans and get ready for a killer summer with #PLLSummerSchool. Grab your besties, some popcorn, and prepare to be hooked from the very first episode.

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