Murderville celebrates Christmas despite investigating Santa Claus’s murder. Will Arnett reprises Detective Terry Seattle in Netflix’s Who Killed Santa? Christmas special.


He is now guarding a Christmas celebration. He works with celebrity homicide trainees Maya Rudolph and Jason Bateman to find Santa’s killer after things goes wrong. Netflix Is a Joke released a behind-the-scenes look at the special after its December 15 premiere.

The featurette begins with Rudolph and Bateman entering the case without information, a series standard. Writer and executive producer Krister Johnson explains that while people who know what to anticipate try to prepare, they still get to witness the famous visitors handle every situation.

In this special, Bateman and Rudolph had to solve a murder case and improvise their way through a throng of orphans waiting to meet Santa (Sean Hayes), whom they make look alive by children’s standards.

Director Laura Murphy says the goal is two takes for each scene. The first take focuses on famous guests’ reactions, including breaks in character and other responses to unexpected situations, while the second takes anything else that might have been missed.

Murphy discusses camera arrangement. Rudolph’s reaction to a character name starts a pun-filled improv train that even makes a supposed-to-be-dead Santa laugh.


Arnett concludes that the show needs a surprise. The video shows Jim Trentley (Kurt Braunohler) completely naked. Johnson said that despite the zaniness, the mystery is real, and viewers can follow it at home. Chaos is vital, and Who Killed Santa? Delivers.

Murderville – Christmas Special. (L to R) Maya Rudolph as self, Will Arnett as Terry Seattle, Jason Bateman as self in Murderville – Christmas Special. Cr. Saeed Adyani/Netflix © 2022

The BAFTA-winning BBC3 programme Murder in Successville inspired Murderville.

Murderville Season 1, Who Killed Santa? Netflix has Murderville Murder Mystery.

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