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A new Netflix mini-doc series called “Don’t answer that call” Don’t Pick Up the Phone has been released. Each of the three episodes, which run between 42 and 57 minutes, tells a real criminal story.

It’s common for someone to call a restaurant and say they’re a police officer, especially at fast food chains.

"Don't Answer That Call" Calls that Terrified Some Victims on Netflix!

During the call, he uses trickery to make the managers believe that one of their employees has stolen something or committed a minor crime. He then tells the employee to do a series of strange things.

Calls like these started happening at seemingly random eateries, prompting police to look into the source of the scam. Viewers of the programme will learn about the annoyances the workers encountered because of the caller as it progresses.

An original tale is presented in the documentary. The very plausibility of this type of event is called into doubt due to its extreme strangeness.

We begin to question everyone we see following orders after seeing this series. The caller made the victims feel humiliated, repulsed, and traumatized. And now we know just how easily he swayed the executives.

This documentary is broken up into three parts, each providing extensive background information on the incidents that took place at those eateries. We hear about what happened that day from both police officers and the people who were hurt.

"Don't Answer That Call" Calls that Terrified Some Victims on Netflix!

The fact that the defendant is now going to trial nearly ten years after all these incidences is the most stunning aspect of this case.

Throughout the three dont answer that call episodes, we learn what kept this case going for so long, what it was like for the victims to go through all of this (some of the victims were minors when the incidents occurred).

This instance presents something of a challenge in terms of assigning blame. The guilty party, to be sure, but what of the supervisors who did nothing to safeguard their staff? These ideas will stick with viewers as they progress through the series.

"Don't Answer That Call" Calls that Terrified Some Victims on Netflix!

Dont answer that call, doesn’t include any graphic footage, and the most upsetting sections are only touched on briefly.

Given that it is a miniseries, it is an excellent pick for a marathon session. Don’t Pick Up the Phone is worth seeing if you appreciate criminal shows that are light on gore.

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