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It was another time when Saint Nick was selling off all his earthly goods and talking about the joys of sharing.

He never had to wait in a monstrous traffic jam, drive in the car for hours while searching for open parking space, or grapple with thousands of other shoppers at the mall.

In Search Of The Perfect Christmas Gift

Since then, finding the right Christmas gift has been even more stressful. The typical shopper will not stumble into shopping malls and department stores until a few weeks or days before Christmas.

Finding the right Christmas gift rapidly becomes a science to research, observe, and teach. Often, you get a cheat sheet, the notorious wish list.

And then you have the entertaining ìsurprise me Christmas gift requests to take out the red-striped thought cap (complete with bells).

Finding the niche

One way to express love for your family and friends is to make personalized and handmade Christmas gifts. Donít goes mad with tinsel and glue gun, and if used sparingly, sequins are perfect.

You can quickly assemble bath and body products, small decorative soaps, candles, and even a pair of slippers for ladies. Treatments including flavoured almonds, mixed nuts, and a selection of chocolate and candy can usually put a smile on his face.

Another brilliant idea for those contemplating personal Christmas presents is a calendar. You can make a photo collage or choose different pictures per month.

Most large office supplies stores now sell this service and other customized products like coffee mugs and mouse pads.

In Search Of The Perfect Christmas Gift

If you’d like to do the project completely hands-on, specific computer programs can be purchased to create unique calendars. Everyone uses calendars, so it’s one Christmas present that won’t be missed.

Gift cards gained popularity as one size suits all gifts. You can pick store and quantity, and you’re good to go. If you’re unsure where the person on your shopping list likes shopping, many shopping malls now give gift checks that can be redeemed inside their walls at any store.

You can also buy a Visa, Mastercard or American Express logo gift card. That your Christmas gift can be used everywhere and for something.

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