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We’re in the Christmas season, and tension has filled the air! Often, we have time to be creative! Since giving should never be a source of stress, I felt the need to share my unique Christmas gift ideas with those who find it difficult to get out of the kitchen. I hope you’re inspired!

two bulb of garlic on top of chopping board

1. Cookware

Every cook loves cookware. But there are ways to make this gift more unique. E.g., a new saucepan will be a wonderful gift under the Christmas tree, but also find a great sauce recipe to be used as a stuffer along with all the ingredients!

10 Christmas Gifts for Cook Lovers

2. Flavored oils, bottles of vinegar

A sure way to create a new dish or enhance an existing one! Fresh oils and vinegar bottles are a cook’s delight; you can’t have plenty! Walnut oil, avocado oil, truffle oil, look around your local grocery store, and you’ll be amazed at today’s range!

3. Plastic containers

They must be of the highest quality for the fridge, dishwasher, and microwave! I don’t know how these containers always vanish, and you can’t get enough or enough sizes.

Why not buy various shapes and sizes but fill them with special nuts or candies to make this gift more special than plain old plastic?

4. Liquor

While we all like a little Christmas cheer, there’s another excellent kitchen liquor use. It’s important to make beautiful demi-glazes for your favourite meat dishes; most likely, your home cook won’t splurge on lavish liquids.

jack daniels old no 7 tennessee whiskey bottle beside clear drinking glass

So why not help your famous chef cook with a few liquor bottles? Brandy, Sherry, Whiskey, and Madeira are great.

5. Wine

Deglaze pans and create unique sauces, just like liquor and wine. Again why not add a recipe as a stuffer? Any cook still welcomes inspiration.

6. Coffee and tea

Most kitchen enthusiasts enjoy cooking with, if not drinking, coffee. So why not make a coffee-gift basket? Finding local free-trade coffee in your neighbourhood’s speciality food store is simple, and there are some cinnamon sticks, honey, flavoured syrups, etc.

Why not throw some speciality coffee mugs and liquors like Baileys or Kahlua? What a pleasure!! Tea is commonly used in kitchens today. Use tea instead of bland brines!

10 Christmas Gifts for Cook Lovers

7. Cookbooks

Again, this is another no-brainer, but if they enjoy cooking, they love cookbooks. We’ll never get tired of cookbooks, but be sure to find the right ones. Look for a niche cookbook shop, and you’ll have a great gift. Here are a few you should look at.

8. Microplane

If your special chef doesn’t have one, here’s another must-have kitchen device. They’re inexpensive and essential when incorporating or enhancing flavour in dishes. Why not pair a microplane with some of its favourite equivalents, including whole musk, cinnamon, star anise, etc.?

9. Appliances

Maybe not an oven or microwave, but why not a new electric mixer or Panini press? This year, here’s a shopping trip to buy either of these things online!

10 Christmas Gifts for Cook Lovers

Small appliances are often less costly when purchased online, and delivery is permanently waived. Shops charge a premium this year, so save time and money and buy online!

10. Tableware

If they love cooking, then they love entertainment. Why not find beautiful glassware, placemats, or service plates with which they can show off their creations? Unique paper napkins make perfect stuffers; linen napkins with beautiful napkin rings are always a treat.

So don’t let stress take the fun out of Christmas this season. There are plenty of ways to bring smiles to faces this year, and for one last suggestion, make your specialty gift Basket! Build your gift basket by incorporating all of the above ideas.

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