Will there be a second season of Pressure Cooker on Netflix? We talk about the famous Netflix show Cooking Competition and whether or not it will be renewed or cancelled.

Pressure Cooker is a new cooking competition and reality program where backstabbing can win. Some of the housemates, like Chef Mike Eckles and Robbie Jester, have to impress each other with their cooking and personalities.

The first season was liked by fans and critics alike, and many want to know if Netflix will give the show another season. We’ll be breaking this down and giving fans an idea of when it might come out.

Will there be a second season of Pressure Cooker?

Fans want a second season of the show that combines the backstabbing of Big Brother with the cooking competitions of MasterChef, but they will have to wait for now.

Netflix frequently delays announcing a second season. Before renewing a show, it considers numerous internal metrics.

For example, it looks at how many people watch it at first and how quickly they stop. For some shows, this process can happen very quickly, but for others, it could take a long time.

The critical response is another thing that goes into Netflix’s decision. And that’s a mix of good and bad in the case of the series Pressure Cooker.

Where is Pressure Cooker’s Chef Mike Eckles now?

Ready Steady Cut gave the show four stars and said that combining a cooking show with reality TV creatively makes for a heated and dramatic competition.

Will there be a Pressure Cooker Season 2?

The decider was a little less enthusiastic. He said that pressure Cooker is for fans of cooking and reality shows, not those looking for something new in either genre.

It has a lower score on Rotten Tomatoes. It gets a 67% score from critics but only a 38% score from the public.

Pressure Cooker Season 2 Could Come Out in

If Netflix does renew the show, it might come back sooner than people think. The time it takes to make these reality shows is much less than it takes to make shows that need a lot of work.

Contestant Robbie Jester told the Delaware News Journal that he filmed the show in California for three and a half weeks.

Netflix may release a second season in mid-2023 or early 2024 if made in the same period as this short film.

Netflix’s reality shows usually have two seasons per year, and if Pressure Cooker is renewed, that’s probably not going to change.


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