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In all honesty, not everyone watches tv shows online for the compelling characters and storylines. We sometimes watch merely to see what people are wearing.

There was no shortage of events in 2022 that could serve as fashion inspiration, and now that the year is winding down, we can disclose which shows’ looks were the most in demand.

Shows from the 1980s and 1990s brought up many fond memories, much like the global retro craze.

As a result, some of the finalists most likely provided a substantial serving of retro styles. Other people’s were more like a throwback to centuries past.

The design experts at Boohoo recently released a study in which they studied Google search data for a wide range of fashion and outfit-related search terms to choose the “most fashionable TV shows of the year.”

A list of the top 5 is provided below

1. Euphoria

As expected, HBO’s Euphoria has won the award for best show. Zendaya, a walking fashion icon, is starring, so surely it will be good.

It was not only the most fashionable show of the year, but also the most fashionable exhibition ever. Yes, permanently.

According to Boohoo, consumers search for terms related to Euphoria’s wardrobe a whooping 132,900 times every month, making it the most searched for high school drama. The term “Euphoria costumes” is searched an average of 121,000 times per month, more than the next nine most popular terms.

2. Emily in Paris

Like other series that renowned costume designer Patricia Fields has worked on (cough Sex and the City cough), Emily in Paris will be known for its outfits as it enters its third season.

The 39,900 monthly searches for “the show’s clothing” prove that you don’t care that we recently warned you that the main character’s extravagant wardrobe couldn’t be afforded in real life.

3. Stranger Things

You look for this phrase 28,800 times a month, even if the science fiction thriller Stranger Things is probably not your normal “fashion show.” We love the comeback of ’80s fashion that Stranger Things has inspired, from big hair to graphic tees and denim-on-denim.

4. Peaky Blinders

This 1920s-set English historical drama introduces us to a slew of amazing garments, making you want to Google “fancy dress” 18,200 times every month. For males, it meant a return to the three-piece suit and the newsboy cap.

5. Bridgerton

All things English have our undivided attention as we watch the real-life royal drama developing before our eyes courtesy of Meghan and Harry.

The third season of Netflix’s romantic drama set in the past, which helped bring the corset back into style, is currently being made.

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