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How The Hills: New Beginnings will go on has been decided, and Brody Jenner is definitely happy with the result.

Why The Hills: New Beginnings Cancellation Excited Brody Jenner

According to Brody’s recent interview with People, “I was thrilled” when the revival was cancelled after season three.

“Honest to God, yes. Simply said, the experience was different. It was quite tense. There was a great deal of manipulation going on. Just a lot, really.”

Brody claims that the show MTV first offered to him, Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge, Spencer Pratt, and others were substantially different from the one they ultimately filmed. The group thought that both the original cast and new, younger cast members would be in New Beginnings.

Why The Hills: New Beginnings Cancellation Excited Brody Jenner

“Oh, that’s great,” I was like,” he remarked. “”You guys will come in as the OGs,” they’ll say to the new, younger cast they’re about to hire. It won’t be concentrated on and centered around you folks.”

The 37-year-old said he was “in a very different stage in my life” and less interested in the partying he used to do, which made that supporting role appealing.

But when it was time to shoot, Brody and the rest of the group found themselves in the spotlight again. We had given them a variety of younger folks,

He continued. “Brandon [Thomas] Lee, who was excellent for the show, was my suggestion. I kind of gave them a bunch of folks, but they just didn’t take them. They respond, “No.””

Why The Hills: New Beginnings Cancellation Excited Brody Jenner

Brody said that because they were the program’s focus, they felt “so much pressure” to make it amusing, which wasn’t something that quickly came to them.

He remarked, “Dude, I’m f-king 37 years old. “I don’t frequently venture out to bars and clubs to look for women. I’m simply not like that anymore.”

Tia Blanco, a professional surfer, and Brody said, “That was unfortunate because we needed a cast that was younger. I didn’t mind entering and leaving, recording, or living honestly in the present, but everything else felt very pressured and forced to me.”

MTV was contacted by E! News for comment, but no response was received.

However, the original concept might soon materialize. According to Deadline, the film will follow the cast as they “navigate the realities of race, class, identity, addiction, and family drama alongside the thrills of romance and becoming self-made midst the exclusive enclave of the hills in Malibu.” The Hills: Next Gen will debut on the network and feature a new group of 20-somethings.

Why The Hills: New Beginnings Cancellation Excited Brody Jenner

Audrina said she is excited to watch the new version of The Hills because the new cast members are “going to be carefree and wild,” just like the original stars were when they first appeared on the show from 2006 to 2010.

In their new podcast, Was It Real, Brody, Audrina, and Frankie Delgado would reflect on those early days. On July 12, The Hills Rewatch debuted.

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