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Who is in the Netflix cast of Inside Man?

Steven Moffat, the man behind Sherlock and the former showrunner of Doctor Who, has created a four-part drama titled Inside Man. What could bring a vicar and his wife from a small English village, an abrupt maths tutor, an investigative reporter, and a guy on death row together? These four people’s lives intersect in this grim mystery.

Some people consider the series, which had its UK premiere earlier this year, among the best BBC dramas. Inside Man ultimately debuted on Netflix on October 31 and has emerged as one of the most popular new programs.
We’ve done our best not to give away any plot details about the program, but you can learn which actors are part of the Inside Man cast below, along with a brief description of their characters.

Stanley Tucci plays Jefferson Grieff

Jefferson Grieff, the titular “Inside Man,” is portrayed by Stanley Tucci. Criminologist Grieff killed his wife. He is known as the “death row detective” and while he is incarcerated, he cracks cases that meet his particular moral code.

Have you seen Stanley Tucci anywhere else? American actor and director Tucci is well-known for various roles and films, including The Devil Wears Prada, The Hunger Games trilogy, Spotlight, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, Central Park on Apple TV Plus, and most recently, his travel show Searching for Italy.

Harry Watling, played by David Tennant

Harry Watling, a mild-mannered vicar, played by David, finds himself caught up in a hostage scenario after attempting to save a friend.

Meet the cast of Inside Man, the gripping drama on Netflix

Have you seen David Tennant anywhere else? Tennant’s work in Doctor Who, where he played both the Tenth and 14th Doctors (for the show’s 60th anniversary), is probably what makes him most well-known. Still, he has also had significant roles in Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Good Omens, Around the World in 80 Days, Staged, Des, and Broadchurch, to name a few.

As Beth Davenport, Lydia West

Lydia West plays Beth Davenport, an investigative journalist, in the Inside Man cast.

Have you seen Lydia West anywhere else? Although Lydia West has acted in Suspicion, Years and Years, Dracula, and The Pentaverate, likely, she is best recognized for her role as Jill Baxter in the 2021 drama It’s A Sin.

As Janice Fife, Dolly Wells

Janice Fife is a math tutor. Dolly Wells completes the cast of major characters. Janice is a math instructor, but after making a startling discovery, she finds herself locked in a cellar.

Inside Man,14-10-2021,Inside Man – First Look,Janice Fife (DOLLY WELLS),Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on Thursday 21/10/2021 – Picture shows: Janice Fife (DOLLY WELLS) ,Hartswood,Paul Stephenson

Have you seen Dolly Wells anywhere else? Dolly has been in several British series and films, including Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Pursuit of Love, The Outlaws, and Dracula.

Mary Watling, played by Lyndsey Marshal

As Mary, Harry’s wife, Lyndsey Marshal appears. The couple starts to split apart as the plot progresses because they have different ideas about handling their situation.

Have you seen Lyndsey Marshal anywhere else? Lyndsey has appeared in Dracula, too, like many of her Inside Man co-stars, in addition to Hanna, Trauma, The League of Gentlemen, Silent Witness, and Rome.

Ben Watling, played by Louis Oliver

Have you seen Louis Oliver anywhere else? Louis previously played a young Sherlock Holmes in Moffat’s adaptation of Sherlock and in Mike Flanagan’s 2021 Netflix horror thriller Midnight Mass.

Louis is the son of Sue Vertue, the executive producer of Inside Man, and the show’s creator Steven Moffat.

Who else is in the cast of Inside Man?

Dillon Kempton (ATKINS ESTIMOND), Jefferson Grieff (STANLEY TUCCI), Supporting Artist – (C) Hartswood – Photographer: Paul Stephenson

Along with the main actors, the Inside Man cast also includes federal agent Casey played by Dylan Baker, Dillon Kempton, Mark Quartley as Edgar Hopperwood, and Eke Chukwu as Keith, as well as Atkins Estimond as Grieff’s cellmate and Kate Dickie as one of Grieff’s contacts, Morag.

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