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Down Under, Australia, the Great Barrier ReefDown Under, Australia, the Great Barrier Reef

Down Under, Australia, the Great Barrier Reef

The last day in Australia, what a way to finish the exhilarating and inspirational travels! Tired – actually – shattered and just to add to that, it decided to pour with rain. Cairns was our last stop on our 6-week travel to Thailand and Australia, having booked the reef tour in Sydney 4 weeks ago we hadn’t established how tired we would be by the time we reached our final destination before flying back to Sydney.

The Jellymans DaughterThe Jellymans Daughter

“The Jellymans Daughter” Brings Musical Minds Together

One word – Astonishing! This is how I would describe the newly and upcoming band “The Jellymans Daughter”. A phenomenal band, which has such unique, different and diverse chords and use of vocals. Accompanying them are their cellos and acoustic guitar. Such an inventive use of notes and melodies, which …

Fountains of Wayne Guitarist Jody Talks Band, Tours, Life, and Fun FactsFountains of Wayne Guitarist Jody Talks Band, Tours, Life, and Fun Facts

Fountains of Wayne Guitarist Jody: Band, Tours, Life & Fun Facts

” Fountains of Wayne’s song “Hey Julie””Madison Square Garden shows and losing 2 Grammys.” Quoted by Jody Porter, guitarist of the famous band Fountains of Wayne, when asked about the best moment experienced with the band.With musical influences such as The Beatles, Stones and all the British Invasion era stuff, Jody Porter has come a long way within his career of being a global musician.