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The Body Jewellery Shop: All Things Piercing

Forget diamonds, The Body Jewellery Shop: … is a girl’s best friend! This amazing online store has everything you need to express yourself through body jewelry, from sweet and preppy to edgy and punk. Whether you’re a seasoned piercing pro or just starting out, they’ve got you covered.pen_spark

I love my cute little punk tattoos, like the little love hearts with skulls, the tiny black studs, and the one-of-a-kind navel rings.

“The Body Jewellery Shop ”.
“The Body Jewellery Shop ”.
“The Body Jewellery Shop ”.

Real or Fake, They’ve Got You Covered

Don’t have any piercings yet? No problem! They have a fantastic selection of clip-on pieces that look just like the real thing. This is exactly how I overcame my fear of getting a helix piercing. I tried a clip-on first, and now I’m rocking a gorgeous high-quality stud!

“The Body Jewellery Shop ”.

A Huge Selection for Every Piercing

“The Body Jewellery Shop ”.

Their name says it all: “The Body Jewellery Shop.” They have a massive selection of jewellery for every kind of piercing imaginable. If you have a piercing, they’ve got something for you. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! I’m such a big fan that this is the third time I’m writing about them. (My friends love their stuff too!)

Customer Rave Reviews

Here’s what some happy customers are saying:

“The Body Jewellery Shop ”.
  • “I have conch piercings in both ears and wish I’d known about this site sooner! I couldn’t resist buying 4 nose studs and 3 nose hoops!” Hope Whitehead
  • “I love my new charms! The Dragonfly Silver Ear Cuff is adorable, and it goes perfectly below my other one. Plus, the Star Prong Set barbells and the Labret stud are so much fun!”
  • “Having nine ear piercings, this site is amazing! Their jewelry is perfect for sensitive skin, and none of my friends have had any problems. Highly recommend!” – Kimberley Arnold (#IneedaNewPercing! #TheBodyJewelleryShop)

Join the Happy Customer Club

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or a special treat for yourself, The Body Jewellery Shop is the place to go. Their jewellery is high-quality and affordable, and their selection is unbeatable. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

P.S. What are your favourite piercings? Share in the comments below!

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