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Leah Kate became a global pop phenomenon after writing what she despised about her ex-boyfriend. Leah Kate Kalmenson is now sharing her music with the world, having just headlined her first-ever Australian tour and performed at TikTok’s For You Fest.

Exclusive: US pop star Leah Kate reveals TikTok virality's drawback: Blessing and curse

The 30-year-old singer from Los Angeles told Daily Mail Australia that if it weren’t for TikTok, she would probably still be working an office job.

“It’s mind-boggling,” she said. She remarked, “I’m very pleased that people can scream these songs, connect with them, and transform them into anthems.”

TikTok is essentially the cause of everything. I’ve had a handful of tracks explode on the app, and ten things went bonkers.’

‘I’m incredibly grateful for TikTok. It is both a benefit and a burden, but it gets your music recognized by the intended audience, which is excellent.

Leah confesses that exes frequently question her if a particular song was written about them.

“Many individuals believe my songs are about them. Even men with whom I have had a single date. She chuckled and said, “I’m just like, ‘Okay, everybody calm down’.”

Leah is currently at work on her upcoming album, which she intends to release in the new year.

When asked about the bad things about going viral, Kalmenson said she always looks at the good stuff.

She remarked, “Sometimes, I find myself comparing myself to others or social media in general to be quite poisonous.”

Exclusive: US pop star Leah Kate reveals TikTok virality's drawback: Blessing and curse

Similar to Instagram and everything else… One may view the trolling as a curse, but it was also a promotion for me.

I responded, “Okay if you guys really want to speak about me and make my name extremely viral, go for it.” It’s okay.’

Who is Leah Kate?

Leah Kate, born Leah Kalmenson on September 9, 1992, is an American singer renowned for her music career. Her musical journey commenced with the release of her inaugural extended play, “Impulse,” in June 2019, followed by “What Just Happened?” in 2021. Notably, in 2022, she catapulted to international recognition with her chart-topping single, “10 Things I Hate About You,” which resonated with audiences in Australia and the UK. Just months later, she unveiled her third EP, “Alive & Unwell.”

Further cementing her presence in the music industry, Leah Kate was selected as the opening act for the European segment of Madison Beer’s “Life Support Tour,” set to take place in March and April 2022.

Her forthcoming debut album, “Super Over,” is highly anticipated and is scheduled for release on September 15, 2023.

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