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This article lists some surefire ways to know if someone likes you. This question may also agitate you. Thus, relying on the last flower petal may not calm you.

Read on to discover the indicators of physical and behavioural interest in you. Scroll down for nonverbal signs of love.

How To Determine If Someone Likes You - 15 Telltale Signs

You’re Liked (Even If They Do Not Say It)

Attractive people act and look a specific way. Notice the nonverbal clues in the following sections.

Physical Attraction Signs

Eye Contact

Eye contact shows attraction. Is the speaker staring at you? Is that a deep, meaningful gaze? If your crush is staring at you, they like you.

However, apprehensive or shy people may have problems making eye contact. They may look away because it’s unsettling. If you notice them looking at you regularly, they like you!

Blushing Upon Meeting

Blushing is automatic. When enthused about others, your body reacts honestly. Embarrassment, desire, and shyness cause blushing.

If someone blushes when chatting with you, they may be excited to meet you.

How To Determine If Someone Likes You - 15 Telltale Signs

Vocal Change

Voice tone might indicate attraction subconsciously. People adjust their tone to attract their mate. The high-pitched feminine voice stands out, while a deep masculine voice dominates.

Your partner’s voice changing around you may indicate interest. Your different tones may indicate mutual interest.

Leaning In When Talking

Attractive people want to be near you. Their posture—leaning or tilting toward you—indicates attention. If your partner is avoiding you, they probably don’t like you.

Copying Your Posture

If someone duplicates your posture, facial expressions, or lingo, they may like you. When comfortable, people copy each other’s body language. Do they comb their hair after you? Do they grab their coffee cup after you drink? Gotcha if your partner mimics you!

Increased Breathing and Temperature

In passion, “hot” and “steamy” are appropriate. Love and attraction are addictions that affect your body. Increased body temperature, pulse rate, and deep and rapid breathing suggest excitement due to emotional or physical desire. These may cause blushing and nervousness around your crush!

How To Determine If Someone Likes You - 15 Telltale Signs


You may “get weak in the knees” when you meet your hero. Self-consciousness and hypersensitivity cause this. Clumsiness, such stumbling over words, indicates a crush.

Is your company’s employee particularly so? If so, it may be because they trip over you.

Tries to Make You Laugh

When we like someone, we strive to make them laugh. Are they attempting to make you laugh? Are they treating you differently than others? If it’s different for you, maybe there’s attraction.

Walks at Your Pace

If someone likes you, they’ll walk at your pace. They’ll walk with you to keep you secure. They’ll also listen more and stick closer to you.

Behaviours That Attract

Checks On You

If someone wants to know everything about you, they’re intrigued. See whether they do these:

  1. Requesting your preferences.
  2. Remembering the smallest information and dates related to you.
  3. Attempting something special at such times.
  4. Trying to talk or remain in touch.
  5. Attraction and attentiveness are all present.

Eliminates Physical Obstacles

Does your significant other remove table centrepieces or couch pillows to create space between you? Removing physical barriers is a psychological response to initiating intimacy. It may signify interest.

Impresses You

It’s obvious. If they like you, they’ll do anything to impress you. If they’re dressing up, grooming, and doing things to impress you, it may be a reciprocal attraction.

How To Determine If Someone Likes You - 15 Telltale Signs

Social Media Follower

We may connect and create relationships on social media. It can reveal the other person’s life, interests, and dreams. The one you like may be a loyal social media follower who likes and comments on your postings.

Trusts You

You can tell if someone likes you by what they talk about. They may open up about their life and disclose more about themselves. Are they trying to keep talking to you? To start a meaningful conversation, do they talk about the most insignificant things? They trust you? Yes, kids depend on you and want a personal bond.

Open body language improves intimacy. A broad stance and outstretched arms indicate an inviting body posture.

How To Determine If Someone Likes You - 15 Telltale Signs

Conversely, someone who crosses their arms over their chest, crosses their legs, sits with a slouched posture, or turns their feet and pelvis away from you may be disinterested.

These are male signs:

  1. As he talks, he’ll continually touch your flesh.
  2. When you look away, he’ll keep looking at you.
  3. To impress you, he may mumble.
  4. He’ll try to eliminate other distractions and may be overprotective.

Signs of a girl:

  1. She’ll mess with her hair while talking to you.
  2. No matter how awful your jokes are, she’ll laugh.
  3. When she talks to you, she’ll try to touch you.
  4. She’ll always dress well for you.
  5. We now know how to tell someone likes you. However, these signals are not always accurate. They’re flirting or friendly. Is there a way? Scroll down for the answer.
  6. Friendly Or Flirty?
  7. Friendly and flirtatious are close. Avoid humiliation with these small changes. Eye contact and informal touches are part of friendly interaction. They’ll also use open body language. These gestures differ in intent. Friendly glances, touches, and body language will lack passion. To show respect, a nice individual will be polite and attentive. They won’t strive to impress.
How To Determine If Someone Likes You - 15 Telltale Signs

Discovering someone likes you is the start. Reading body language takes practice. Communicate. Enjoy the great unknown until you find the signs in the article. You may fear approaching someone you like since you don’t know how they feel.

Some attention is shown. Someone likes you if they make eye contact, lean toward you while conversing, or seem awkward. Impressing, confiding, and following up show interest. To determine if someone likes you, distinguish between friendly and flirty.

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