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It’s been two years since ABC’s hit show Modern Family came to an end. We can’t help but remember how funny and heartwarming the show was.

Three families lived in Los Angeles and were the subjects of the Emmy-winning show, which premiered in 2009. Their father, Jay Pritchett, and two children, Claire (Julie Bowen) and Mitchell (Ed O’Neill), are the links between them (Jesse Tyler Ferguson).

Over 11 seasons, we saw the family try new jobs, vacations, and hobbies (like Eric Stonestreet’s Cam and his side job as a clown), and we learned about their lives. We saw the kids go through middle school, high school, and even the college decision process. We also got to laugh, cry, and be sad with the family.

Cam and Mitchell

Couple: Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett were both same sex. They had a daughter that was born to them. Not only did this heartwarming duo make us laugh for hours, but their relationship also made LGBTQ people feel like they were seen and important. After Will & Grace, the best-known show with gay main characters was Modern Family. We saw Cam and Mitchell adopt a daughter, then get married to each other.

We saw the couple’s emotions as they tried to adopt again and again, and then at the end of the show, they were able to adopt a second child. Millions of people each week learned about this happy couple and saw some of their most important life events that have real-world applications, like getting married and having a child. Since Modern Family, the show The Fosters on Freeform, which aired in 2013, also had a gay couple with kids on it.

It was a great day for everyone. Jay, Gloria, Manny, and Joe had a great time.

Following his divorce from DeDe, Jay married Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and she had a son, Manny (Rico Rodriguez). So viewers could see a blended stepfamily on the small screen, which was a first for television. (The Brady Bunch was another show that did this.) In Season 4, Jay and Gloria had a child together.

Joe also had a child with Gloria in the same season (Jeremy Maguire). Because he loved both of his boys so much, Jay’s tough exterior was softened by that love. This family made the show more relatable to many people who saw it, so they found it more interesting. In Netflix’s Fuller House (2016-2020), we also see a mixed-race family on the show.

The Dunphys are a group of people.

Claire, Phil, Haley, Sarah, Alex, and Luke were the show’s “nuclear family.” Claire’s kids made her crazy, but she still loved them so much. This is how Phil did, too. Phil made the most typical dad jokes and tried some crazy experiments, but he always showed up for his family and took care of them.

It’s important to note how the kids went to college. Haley and Luke went to a community college, and so did a lot of people their age. It took Alex a long time to get into her dream school. The show was very realistic and relatable to people who go to college. Our favorite show on TV is based on The Goldbergs, a real-life sitcom that was narrated and based on a book.

Haley was pregnant during this time.

She found out she was pregnant in Season 10, which surprised both her and Dylan (Reid Ewing) as well as the show’s fans, who were shocked. To get her life back on track, Haley was forced to get her act together. She soon became a wonderful, loving mother to twins.

Gloria’s new job

Gloria had to put her plans on hold for years in order to help Manny have a better life, but it took a long time. The fact that we don’t see it often makes us think back to the bad times she had with her son. When she married Jay, she was a stay-at-home wife for a while, but she wanted more than that. We saw Gloria work very hard and become a very good real estate agent, but we didn’t know how long it took.

“Mockumentary Style” Family Comedy “Mockumentary Style”

Even though the show Arrested Development used the same style of mockumentary, Modern Family had a very different tone. A lot of people thought the characters on Modern Family were talking to them because of their style and charisma.

This type of filming gave us a different view of the events that took place. In addition, the funny confessionals made us more connected to the characters and gave us a better idea of what their world was like.

Seeing how the family grows together.

This is one of the best parts of the show because it has been on for 11 years now. This was because the show was a huge hit and the characters were so cute. It has been a long time since families across the country have been watching the Pritchett/Dunphy family to see what is going on. Fans were able to see the characters grow up together.

One show that comes close to this is Full House, but Modern Family still has three more seasons than it does, so it’s better than it. Recently, we have seen some people who watch This Is Us with their families at the same time as NBC’s hit show. This show had a lot of relatable moments, characters, and stories that fans could relate to. This helped the show become a big hit and keep fans coming back.

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