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Netflix recently released Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King, a documentary about a scam that took place right here in Canada.

Everyone who has seen Netflix's "Trust No One" has thought the same thing: "Trust No One."

Gerald “Gerry” Cotten, a young Vancouverite who founded QuadrigaCX, a company aimed at helping Canadians invest in Bitcoin, is the subject of a 1.5-hour documentary.

According to the rumour mill, Cotten’s Crohn’s disease flareup in India led to his death. His new wife, Jennifer Robertson was the only person to have seen him dead.

QuadrigaCX investors could not get their money back because only Cotten could access the passwords that would have enabled the transfers. Around $250 million had disappeared in an instant.

For those who had invested in QuadrigaCX, the documentary follows a group of people who believe that Cotten hasn’t actually died but has instead gone on the run with Bitcoin and changed his identity or gone off the grid. Exit scams are what they’re called.

It was determined that the group had been deceived by examining the crypto operation’s paper trail to establish if Cotten had died in the hospital in India.

Cotten’s sister-in-law, former business partner, journalists, and experts were all interviewed. Everyone seemed to have several theories to share. On the other hand, most people who have seen the documentary believe that Cotten never died, just like the detectives who conducted their investigation.

One of the people interviewed in the documentary is QCXINT, a man in a fox mask who is only known to viewers. He says he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars after putting money into Quadriga in 2018.

Everyone who has seen Netflix's "Trust No One" has thought the same thing: "Trust No One."

Despite the absurdity of their claim, some people believe it is Cotten.

Some critics believe the documentary is sensationalist and relies on amateur sleuths. Those who think Cotten died in 2018 do so based on the lack of evidence to the contrary.

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