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Mentor Her launches program to assist companies in not just maintaining gender diversity at leadership, but accelerating it.

Tech start-up Mentor Her launches a corporate programme exclusively for national and international companies that have proven they are dedicated to diversity. The corporate programme will improve gender diversity internally within large corporations by focusing on the individual matching of female Mentors with Mentees to inspire motivation and collaboration across levels.

Mentor Her is an Irish limited company set up in 2020 with its public six-week programme matching female Mentors and mentors in critical industries of the corporate world, career development, entrepreneurship, and self-development.

The award-winning six-week programme, which has already seen massive success with thousands, facilitates the meeting of women who need help with those who want to give it.

Diversity Matters: Mentor Her Launches Corporate Program

Over six weeks, carefully matched Mentors and Mentees meet privately for one hour to help women get ahead.

They are facilitated by weekly material access to a community of live workshops and the chance to meet ambitious and successful women through networking online and in-person events in Dublin and London. The programme has already featured Mentors in media and entrepreneurship alongside small business owners and executives in Facebook, Intel, Salesforce, L’Oréal and Penguin, among many others.

Diversity Matters: Mentor Her Launches Corporate Program

Mentor Her’s new corporate program is an opportunity for companies to use the start-up’s proven techniques and apply them internally within large organisations for six to twelve months. Companies can nominate women in leadership to volunteer as Mentors to help women lower down in structural echelons.

Throughout the programme, Mentors and Mentees meet privately once a month to work on the Mentees’ career development, aided by resources provided by the Mentor. Her team includes mentorship training for Mentors, monthly material focused on critical areas of career development, and workshops led by leading experts to improve internal company dynamics between leadership and female staff.

Diversity Matters: Mentor Her Launches Corporate Program

The corporate programme is designed around four key areas that need improvement, uncovered by Mentor Her in a 2020 research piece on multinational companies that showed palpable problems at many levels.

Companies are asked to pick one of four categories on which Mentor Her will focus their internal programme. If companies have difficulty attracting female talent to their company, “Begin” will help them reach the right women by collaborating with the team in universities and colleges and offering company Mentors to match with female graduates who need guidance in their preferred industry or profession.

The “Grow” category will help motivate current female employees by matching women lower down in organisational echelons with women higher up the ladder, making a path to success clear for women who desire career acceleration.

For companies that may internally struggle with how best to approach women who want to pursue both a career and motherhood, “Have” inspires current mothers to match with new or prospective mothers, who can then learn how to balance both.

Finally, Mentor Her’s “Lead” category for their corporate programme inspires more women to take that next step into leadership, C-Suite, and board positions so that diversity can be maintained and accelerated at management levels.

Diversity Matters: Mentor Her Launches Corporate Program

The company exclusively offers mentoring for women, by women. The team and their advocates believe that women’s lived experiences differ from their male counterparts and should be addressed in different ways.

The company helps women at all levels, from finding their footing in an industry or growing in their positions to starting a business and scaling to new markets.

Especially after Covid and with stagnating job growth, women’s entry into the market is often met with uncertainty, unenthusiasm and lack of motivation. Women need to be guided and inspired by those who have cleared the way forward, and finding a Mentor is the prime solution.

Diversity Matters: Mentor Her Launches Corporate Program

A female Mentor reflects the encounters of women in all industries and positions, often balanced by political, social, or even personal issues, that can only truly be understood by a woman who has already travelled that path.

Mentor Her offers a safe space where women can address, improve, and grow their professional positions and feel secure in talking about issues like workplace interactions and motherhood.

Companies can book the corporate programme after a screening process by the team, who will look at internal and external company statistics and review the feeling of the company online, from consumer interactions to employee reviews—all to ensure that they are committed to diversity within their leadership structure.

“We are so excited to launch our corporate programme for companies that have shown they are dedicated to gender diversity at all levels of their organisational structure and are committed to improving it even further.

By working with these companies, we can leverage the results they have already achieved to really improve the way women see their career trajectory and make more room at the table for women in leadership. With our team of experts, we’ll use our tried-and-tested formula to prove how mentoring can help champion women into higher positions by providing support, inspiration and motivation to the individual.

Our corporate programme is for companies that need help re-invigorating their team and inspiring new female leadership to continuously move up the ladder so that gender diversity at all levels cannot just be maintained but accelerated.” 

Katie Doyle, founder of Mentor Her.

Website: https://www.mentorher.global/

Details of the corporate programme: https://www.mentorher.global/corporate 

Newsroom with company files and statistics: https://www.mentorher.global/newsroom

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