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Their adorable antics and charming charm have not only taken over Taylor Swift’s Instagram following, but they’re also rich and famous. They’ve become stars in their own right after touring with the Grammy winner and starring in her music videos, and their net worth will leave you in awe.

Taylor Swift’s three cats appear to be the only ones to enjoy such good fortune. Cosmopolitan says that “quite literally, they live a better quality of life than most humans, and they definitely know it.”

To date, this is all we’ve learned about them.

Meredith Grey

Swift’s Scottish Fold cat was the first of her merry band to enter her life. According to her page on the Taylor Swift Wiki, Taylor Swift bought the gorgeous Scottish Fold on Halloween of 2011 (all three cats have their own entries). I named her after Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy.

Benjamin_Button taylor swiff cat

Singer-songwriter Speak Now has gushed over her dog, describing him as a “little miracle.” “Cats like Meredith don’t come much better than her. No fur or fur balls are ever left behind by her, and she isn’t aggressive or afraid of people at all.”

According to Swift, Meredith’s introversion made her a natural success during the COVID-19 pandemic because of her extreme privacy. In March 2020, the “Cardiga” singer shared a heartwarming Instagram post about her 10-year-old feline friend.

“Meredith has made self-quarantining a habit. Follow in the footsteps of Meredith’s “she wrote, posting a photo of herself hidden inside a sphere-shaped cat bed.

Benjamin_Button taylor swiff cat

Meredith had become so reclusive that her followers were beginning to worry when they noticed she had been absent from her mother’s Instagram feed for an extended period. According to Swift’s response to the “very pressing issue,” the truth is that Meredith hates having her picture taken, as she explained in an April video.

Olivia Benson

Like her older sister, Mariska Hargitay played a character in one of Law & Order: SVU’s most memorable episodes, and Swift chose to name Olivia Benson after her. He’s the only one in the family who’s met her famous ancestor, and she’s a 7-year-old Scottish Fold.

Benjamin_Button taylor swiff cat

The adorable feline has been in the spotlight more than her siblings, and she has the most money saved up. According to Cosmopolitan, she’s done” vast commercial work,” including appearing in her mom’s diet Coke ad. You can see it in the video down below.

Olivia had also joined Swift on her 1989 tour along with her sister Meredith in 2015, back when the singer’s household was a two-kitty one. A video of a proud cat mother showing off her litter of kittens is available below.

Benjamin_Button taylor swiff cat

During a TikTok last August, Swift reminisced about Olivia’s arrival in her life and how it changed her life. On being asked about whether or not she was “cat lady” material in an old interview from 2014, the singer admitted:

“[I talked with] friends about it and before I got the second cat.” ‘Is cats… a cat lady?’ was the question I was asking everyone I knew. Or, you know, two cats is cats and there’s more than one?’ In which case they say things like, ‘No, three cats is a cat lady.’ There is nothing like a two-cat soiree.”

Benjamin Button

Swift adopted Benjamin Button in 2019, and it seems she’s officially become a cat lady.” After posting a sweet selfie with the caption,. ” Then there were three…” she met the Ragdoll on the set of her music video forME” and decided to bring him home right away.

She told PEOPLE that it was”love at first sight” after seeing the rescue, which she described as a”purr box.”

“You’re my mother, and we’re going to live together.” That’s what the tiny cat tells me when I receive him from the handler. “I had a romantic experience,” she elaborated. In the music video, Brendon [Urie, a Panic! at the Disco member who appeared in the video] said, “You’re getting the cat, aren’t you?”

Benjamin_Button taylor swiff cat

Soon after the video was released, Benjamin, named after Brad Pitt’s character in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, went viral. Swift’s Amazon music ad and the music video for “ft’s Need to Calm Down” featured his face on a wristwatch with a cat design.

Speaking to TIME magazine in 2019, Swift extolled the virtues of her feline companions, saying they’ve had a profound impact on her life. I’m done with them. “There is something about them that makes them a real pleasure to be around,” the actress said, adding that they were the “driving force” behind her decision to play Bombalurina in the live-action version of Cats.

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