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Jimmy Donaldson, also known as “MrBeast,” is a digital creator and philanthropist who has launched the better-for-you snacking brand Feastables.

This gluten-free chocolate bar uses simple ingredients like organic cocoa, in keeping with Feastables’ mission to provide high-quality snacks. Initially, Mr. Beast Bars will be available in three flavours: the Original Chocolate, Almond Chocolate, and Quinoa Crunch Chocolate.

Feastables chocolate bars are a MrBeast first!

As a child, Donaldson was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which made him realize the importance of making high-quality snacks more accessible.

With each Feastables release, Donaldson promises “exciting stunts and giveaway” for fans. In my opinion, no other company is doing this kind of mass production of high-quality snacks with a fun focus, and I can’t wait for everyone to try them.”

In the long term, the current product portfolio is just the beginning. Donaldson, who will serve as the company’s creative visionary, founded Feastables and enlisted Jim Murray, the previous president of RxBar, to oversee the company’s strategy.

Feastables chocolate bars are a MrBeast first!

Feastables is sponsoring sweepstakes with over $1 million in prizes and offers. To win Mr. Beast’s Chocolate Factory, ten grand prize winners will compete in a Mr. Beast YouTube video. Additionally, there will be tens of thousands of instant-win prizes up for grabs, including a Tesla, Sea-Doos, Super 73 Electric Bikes and more, as well as Artesian Builds gaming computers and Turtle Beach gaming bundles.

Feastables chocolate bars are a MrBeast first!

Festables is available at feastables.com for prices ranging from $2.98 to $49.99 for individual bars and bundles. Walmart.com now carries unique bars as well.

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