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Some of the best recipes can be found on Google and Pinterest. Still, nothing is more comforting than turning the pages of a well-illustrated cookbooks. But have you ever wondered what happens when our favourite TV shows and movies are turned into a cookbook?

Well, nostalgia kicks in.

These 15 cookbooks are an excellent place to start if you want to remember when your favourite TV characters made you feel something. Bon appetit!

1. The Desperate Housewives Cookbook

In a gossipy cookbook, the homemakers of Wisteria Lane talk about how they cook. It has recipes from the show and dishes inspired by each homemaker, like chicken cutlets, saltimbocca, potato casserole, chocolate butterscotch bars, pineapple peach smoothies, sausage puttanesca, and more.

2. Friends: The Official Cookbook

Gather your friends and say “How you doin’?” to over fifty recipes from the classic comedy.

Friends: The Official Cookbook has recipes for all chefs, whether you’re Monica, Phoebe, or Joey. Each chapter features legendary dishes like Monica’s Friendsgiving Feast, Rachel’s Trifle, Chandler’s “Milk You Can Chew,” and The Moist Maker.

This cute cookbook is a valuable tool for home cooking and a delightful tribute to your favourite show.

3. Eat Like a Gilmore: The Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Gilmore Girls

This amusing, unofficial Gilmore Girls cookbook celebrates their notorious appetites. Fans will love Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s chefs’ dishes. Kristi Carlson asks fans and newcomers to sit down and read.

Luke’s dinner menu, Sookie’s varied food, Emily’s exquisite Friday Night Dinners, and town favourites inspired these delicious dishes.

One hundred recipes, from appetizers and beverages to entrées and desserts, recreate Gilmore family moments. Prepare:

4. The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers

Bob Belcher’s Burgers of the Day has 75 original, uncomplicated recipes in the Bob’s Burgers Burger Book. Bob’s Burgers’ warm, edgy comedy, great vocals, and unusual musical moments.

“Bleu is the Warmest Cheese Burger,” “Bruschetta-Bout-It Burger,” and “Shoot-Out at OK-ra Corral Burger (with Fried Okra)” recipes. Bob’s Burger Experiment’s fansite offers all recipes.

5. The Unofficial Cookbook of Orange is the New Black: Food from The Inside World

“Orange is New Black” enthusiasts rejoice! This unique cookbook reveals Litchfield’s kitchen secrets.

Litchfield inmates have many colours, including food. Although unappealing, Orange is the New Black’s most important food moment.

6. The Modern Family Cookbook

An unorthodox cookbook from Modern Family lets you cook with your favourite characters.
The Modern Family Cookbook has over 100 delicious recipes.

Including Phil’s Traditional First-Day-of-School Pancakes (don’t forget the whipped cream smile!), Claire’s Spooky Pumpkin Cheese Ball with Crudités, Mitchell’s PB & J (pear, brie, and jambon) Sandwiches, Jay’s Sloppy Jay’s, Gloria’s Carnitas al Diablo, and more.

7. The Unofficial Simpsons Cookbook: From Krusty Burgers to Marge’s Pretzels

Everyone likes The Simpsons. After thirty-one seasons, you can make the show’s food at home faster than you say, “Mmm…Donuts.”

Many Simpsons episodes have focused on food. The sitcom has many memorable dishes because of Homer Simpson’s insatiable appetite and food-loving writing staff.

The Unofficial Simpsons Cookbook has Chief Wiggum’s Chili, Flaming Moe, Super Squishees, Krusty Burgers, and more.

8. The Nightmare Before Dinner: Recipes to Die For: The Beetle House Cookbook

The official cookbook of Beetle House, a Halloween-themed restaurant in New York and Los Angeles, is perfect for fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, and The Evil Dead.

Chef-owner Zach Neil’s Nightmare Before Dinner has over 60 ghoulishly delectable meals. The Edward Burger Hands is a juicy, Sriracha-cream-sauced burger with smoky bacon, fried egg, pepper jack cheese, and avocado.

From Coco Skellington to Beetle’s Juice, you’ll learn to concoct eerie speciality cocktails. The Nightmare Before Dinner also features creepy recipes for vegans and vegetarians!

9. The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook

This Walking Dead-inspired cookbook includes lifesaving ideas and meals. The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook teaches you how to survive a zombie apocalypse without being eaten.

The book includes recipes for meals from the hit AMC program, cuisine and drinks inspired by essential characters and places, and professional advice on foraging, hunting wild game, and outdoor cooking.

This ultimate present for fans and walker-wary survivalists includes Carl’s pudding, Carol Peletier’s baked goods, and Hershel’s pasta.

10. The Burn Cookbook: An Unofficial Unauthorized Cookbook for Mean Girls Fans

Chefs and want tobes will love The Burn Cookbook! Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels) parodies Mean Girls with behind-the-scenes stories and delicious Girl World delicacies.

This cookbook features delicious dishes like Fetch-Puccini Alfredo, You Go, Glenn (Hot) Cocoa, and Stab Caesar Salad. Like math, eating is universal.

11. Breaking Bad Cookbook: Easy Recipes For Families Breaking Bad You Will Ever Want To Make 

Do you like Vince Gilligan’s criminal drama Breaking Bad? Do you love cooking and trying new recipes? If so, this Breaking Bad cookbook is perfect.

This book contains 20 Breaking Bad-inspired, simple recipes that are easy to follow. Tips & tricks: this cookbook will teach you how to cook faster and better. – Appetizing photos or illustrations of the dishes to help you plan your meal. 

This cookbook lets you produce delicious, short-lived foods to eat at home while viewing the show.

12. Game Of Thrones: A Feast of Ice and Fire – The Official Companion Cookbook

Want to experience a Winterfell feast? Want to share the lemon cake with Sansa Stark, pork pie with the Night’s Watch, or honey fingers with Daenerys Targaryen?

A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones is known for vividly depicting Westeros’s sights and sounds.

The delectable dishes that make up this wonderful world have always been absent. The cookbook that reinvented fantasy may also redefine dinner, lunch, and breakfast.

13. The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook: From Lamb Stew to “Groosling

In The Hunger Games, the only way to stay alive is to find food in any way possible.

Katniss and Gale hunt real animals, Peeta’s family lives off the bread they make, and the people of the Seam work twelve-hour days for a few handfuls of grain, all while the people of the Capitol eat all the sweets and treats they want.

14. The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook

The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook has more than 100 recipes that show how the Crawleys cook, from dinner party centrepieces upstairs to puddings and pies downstairs.

It brings a real taste of Downton Abbey to modern kitchens and fans of the show.

All of the recipes reflect the influences found on the Downton Abbey tables, whether based on original recipes from the time, are copies of what was seen or mentioned on screen, or are typical of the time.

15. The Food from True Blood: The Exclusive True Blood Cookbook

True Blood fanatic? Wondering what Fangtasia and Merlotte’s Bar and Grill served? This cookbook answers all questions.

This blockbuster series proves that the paranormal has always inspired us. True Blood fans now want True Blood-themed parties. Easy but mouthwatering meals make life easier for you. This cookbook offers a multicourse True Blood-themed party menu.

There are delicious starters, breakfast, main courses, and desserts. The number of recipes allows you to serve various dishes every time.

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