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The Walking Dead has been an iconic post-apocalyptic zombie drama series that has enthralled viewers since its debut in 2010.

Beyond its gripping storyline and memorable characters, many fascinating facts about the show remain largely unknown. This article will uncover the top 20 lesser-known facts about The Walking Dead.

Top 20 Unknown Facts About The Walking Dead

1. Comic Connection:

The show is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series of the same name, with the creator actively involved in its production.

2. Casting Shuffle:

Several actors auditioned for different roles before being cast as their current characters, like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who initially auditioned for the role of Rick Grimes.

Top 20 Unknown Facts About The Walking Dead

3. Record-Breaking Premiere:

The show’s season 5 premiere set a record with over 17.3 million viewers, becoming the most-watched cable series episode.

4. Diverse Filming Locations:

The series is primarily filmed in Georgia, USA, but various locations, including the famous “Woodbury,” are spread throughout the state.

5. The “Walker” Gait:

Zombies in the show are called “walkers,” a term coined to describe their slow, shuffling movements.

6. Makeup Mastery:

Top 20 Unknown Facts About The Walking Dead

The realistic zombie makeup is created by a team of talented artists, with Greg Nicotero leading the way as an executive producer and head of special effects makeup.

7. Innovative “Pets”:

Michonne’s “pets” – armless and jawless zombies – were her ingenious way of camouflaging herself and staying safe amidst the undead.

8. Zombie School:

Actors playing walkers attend “zombie school” to perfect their undead walk and mannerisms.

9. Comic Book Cameos:

The show occasionally introduces characters from the comic book to delight fans with exciting Easter eggs.

10. Social Media Phenomenon:

The Walking Dead has amassed a massive online following, making it one of the most discussed TV series on various social media platforms.

Top 20 Unknown Facts About The Walking Dead

11. Unpredictable Deaths:

The show’s creators aren’t afraid to kill off major characters, keeping viewers on their toes with unexpected twists.

12. Award-Winning Series:

The Walking Dead has earned critical acclaim and numerous awards for its exceptional performances and production quality.

13. The Talking Dead:

After each episode, Chris Hardwick hosts “Talking Dead,” a talk show with cast interviews and fan discussions.

Top 20 Unknown Facts About The Walking Dead

14. International Popularity:

The show’s popularity has transcended borders, leading to international fan conventions and events.

15. Diverse Spin-Offs:

The Walking Dead universe has expanded with spin-offs like “Fear the Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.”

16. Comic Departures:

While the show mostly follows the comic’s narrative, certain characters meet different fates in the TV adaptation.

17. Apocalyptic Fashion:

Despite the chaos, the characters manage to maintain distinctive and rugged fashion styles.

18. Philosophical Themes:

Top 20 Unknown Facts About The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead often delves into profound themes of survival, morality, and the essence of humanity.

19. Persistent Fan Base:

The show’s dedicated fan base continues to grow, demonstrating its lasting impact on pop culture.

20. Enduring Legacy:

The Walking Dead’s influence on the zombie genre remains unparalleled, with a vast universe of spin-offs and movies in development.

The Walking Dead’s captivating storyline, impressive special effects, and memorable characters have contributed to its remarkable success.

Fans can look forward to more undead adventures and thrilling storytelling as the show’s universe expands. These lesser-known facts shed light on the series’ fascinating behind-the-scenes journey, cementing its position as a modern TV classic The Walking Dead.

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