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know I know, it’s October and I am talking about Christmas! But let’s be honest, we have been going into stores and supermarkets and it is CHRISTMAS everywhere! Advent calendars, Christmas sweets and signs for buying Christmas trees! Now the one thing we all stress out about is……… money!

Let’s be honest, but at the end of the day, Christmas is about friends, family, food and laughter which for some turns into arguments, debates and shocking year stories… Here are a few ideas I have done and have gone down a treat! Move aside BMW and APPLE accessories. It’s time to get personal!

1. Create A Personal Video

This is something that sounds so boring.. But its something that will be cherished. Grab a few fun images, videos and their favorite songs, use iMovie which is really dummy-proof! Simple! Something to all look at and laugh at, memories and moments to cherish!

2. Candy Bar Story

I have done this so many times, goes down as a right treat! (Get it sweet/treats) Simply gather some chocolate bars which are either lying around the house or run to your local for a few tasty 15p bars. It will go something like this…

How To Sort Presents For Christmas Under £10!

Created by Kat Hall

3. Home Made Jam

Now this is one for the grandparents. They love a good thing of jam, and believe it or not, it’s so cheap to make! Here are a few recipes! (Lasts a while and will mean the world!)

4. Lottery!

Alot of us wishes we won 11 Million! But the thing is you need to play to win! Know a friend or family member who love a little thrill? Grab a 3 £1 scratch cards and simply create a fun month calendar for them. (This is a massive treat if its the month of their birthday) Spread it out, make some fun jokes and added some interesting memories on days from the past. Here is an example.

How To Sort Presents For Christmas Under £10!

5. Got a TALENT! DO IT.

Are you an amazing singer? Write them a song and perform it for them in front of the family while getting another to film, which will be used and kept forever! Good dancer, create a dance for them! Good job. Put on a show! Use the resources you have to create something memorable!

6. Personalized Chocolate bar

Grab a chocolate bar and simply create your own label to wrap around. (Here is how)


Get personal here!

7. A family pet or new born.

Create a painting of prints and get a frame from Poundland. All you need is- PAINT – PAPER- PAW OR HAND

Crafty Morning

All instructions and pictures are right here via Crafty Morning!

8. Celebrity message

I know what most of you are thinking, “HOW!?” You will be surprised! Reach out to your admirers, write a message to them via twitter, facebook or to their agent or publicist. Sometimes you will be surprised with the outcome. Dont bombard them though!

9. Online competitions

This sounds so far fetched, but around christmas people have loads of competitions going on and fun activities, get involved! You might surprise yourself with some fun free treats! Here are a few good sites to check out!

How To Sort Presents For Christmas Under £10!

10. Rescue a pet

ONLY IF YOU ARE CAPABLE OF DOING SO. There are so many local shelters that are needing homes for loving dogs and cats. Contact your local rescue pet centre and adopt a cutie for a loved one. Animals are always needing homes! But be sure to take care and keep them happy and comfortable!

There you have it! Super cheap and goes a long way! Let me know what you get up too and what you give your loved ones!

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