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Where and how did you come up with name “Appointedd”? We played with lots of names in the early days and this was just one that stuck. We tested the double d on people and it seemed to stick in their minds.

“It describes what we do quite well as well—we’re all about allowing businesses to market and manage timeslot appointments,” said Leah Hutcheon, CEO of Appointedd software. Streamlined, Productive and exceptional are three key words that spring to mind when thinking of Appointedd.

Founded in 2011, they have taken the country by storm. A software tech company focused on all Small Businesses to create a more managed one.

Time-saving, fast-based booking platform that lets you book appointments quickly. Users can leave and read reviews, earn promotional points and browse deals on their computer/laptop, popping to the store or in their car, all through the Appointedd software.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” —Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. co-founder, chairman and CEO,

I believe a famous quote fills the atmosphere and the way Appointedd thinks.

The Edinburgh-based company works as a robust and enjoyable team, taking the hassle of looking through your daily diary for appointments and customer records and overbooking and clashing assignments.

Appointedd takes it into their professional hands and guides you to ensure you get the reduced amount of time spent on administration and gives you time to focus on the more significant bits of your company.

The fast-building software has made it their priority to ensure clients get what they need and want.

Appointedd's Booking up Fast

Web Developer Billy Jones puts considerable time and knowledge into the creatively designed site, making it quick, easy, and simple for clients and their teams to communicate and use.

Having features from email marketing, Staff, and business management to reminders (As we all have those days of laziness or forgetfulness) and lots more!

I was lucky enough to chat about the unique start-up with the one and only Leah Hutcheon, a bright, cheerful, and career-driven entrepreneur, and why she tells us the ups and downs of the business world, struggles, and fun facts Appointedd carry.

What made you want to start Appointed?

I got the idea to start Appointedd when working as a magazine editor. I worked very long hours and found it difficult to make bookings with independent businesses, such as massage therapists and tradespeople, as I was always working when they were open.

I also knew there was a disconnect in how these small businesses marketed to clients such as myself, so I saw a real opportunity to connect the two.

Did you have any difficulty when starting?

If so, what and how did you do/overcome this? The road to where we are now has been extremely long and winding – but I guess that is the case with anyone starting a new business.

It was a steep learning curve, as I had never managed a technology build. However, I was lucky to have a lot of support from Business Gateway and Entrepreneurial Spark, making it easier to weather the storm.

We were lucky to win £30,000 from the inaugural Scottish EDGE Award, which allowed us to hire a full-time software developer, transforming our business. I have found that it’s essential to surround yourself with the best people – that’s what makes a business succeed.

What are you trying to tell people?

Appointedd's Booking up Fast

We are determined to make small service businesses more efficient and profitable. It’s hard enough running a business, but these days’ consumers expect to be able to engage with you wherever they are, in whatever way they choose.

We have built tools to allow these ambitious business owners to run their entire business in one place, either from the web or on their phones.

Where would you like to see yourself/your business in the next five years?

I want thousands of small businesses to have a more leisurely life because they use our tools to streamline their processes.

I’d also like to work fewer hours than I do now – the start-up stage is a killer regarding time management. There are not enough hours in the day!

Where and how did you come up with the name “Appointedd?

We played with many names in the early days, and this was just one that stuck. We tested the double on people, and it seemed to stick in their minds.

It describes what we do pretty well, too – we’re all about allowing businesses to market and manage timeslot appointments.

What is the next most significant step for Appointedd?

We are currently working on a consumer app to match their diary to the business they want to book with and see when it suits both sides.

It will be a natural step forward in making booking with independent businesses seamless.

What is the most significant achievement to date with your adventure?

I am so proud of our impact on the businesses that use Appointedd. They are almost evangelical about our impact on their business – we save them around half a day a week because they can automate all of their marketing, and their customers don’t always have to call them to make a booking.

We also make them feel more in control of their business because they get all the relevant stats for their business’s health – as a small business owner, I know how this can impact your life!

With a fast connecting network, social media marketing, and a communicative, creative team, Appointedd gathers excellent insights into every client and individual company’s needs.

With salons expanding into personal trainers and other services, Check out Appointedd’s site for an even better outlook on features, clients, and packages.

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