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Finding something new to collect can be a fun and exciting hobby. Not all the items in your collection will be worth something, but the market for collector’s items can also bring you in cash.

Always make sure that you are really passionate about what you choose to start collecting because you need the dedication to spend the time trawling through antique stores and online trade sites.

The result is very satisfying, however. Here are some excellent examples of what boss collectors are after this year.

Quirky Things to Collect in 2020

Music and Memorabilia

Many music fans might already have your old-fashioned record player and a stack of vinyl.

The sound quality is unmistakeably different, this depends on the model, but certain records can reach a high price as well, especially if they come with original artwork.

Albums with particularly popular or strange art on the cover, it could be worth more. If you need a new copy of something from your old music collection, have a look into cd printing.


There is a rich tapestry, including vintage fashion, household items, and advertising. Vintage fashion and kitchenware are a great options nowadays as they are more widely available for a cheaper price. It’s also a more sustainable and unique way to dress.

You could go for particular pieces that interest you, for example, bags and accessories. Crockery and glassware can also have practical use and be kitsch.

A fun way to add nostalgia to your decor is to collect old vintage posters like advertising from famous brands. Classic in style these are a great way to decorate any room.

Something like an old Guinness advert, Campbell’s soup, or even lesser-known, like video game artwork.

Retro Video Games

You could even start a collection of the games if you’re interested. Games that are rarer or more historically significant will be the most valuable, even if they’re famously bad.

For advice on the video game market from the nerds themselves, click here.

Old tech

Typewriters, computers, old TVs and video game consoles are very fashionable items to collect. They can also add an air of nostalgia, even though purely decorative.

You probably often see your favourite little pubs and cafes with these on display. You can even use them for upcycling.


Often rarer issues can be precious, but it’s tricky to know what you’re looking for if you’re not an expert.

Comicbooks are becoming increasingly popular, so if you are interested in learning more, you can find online forums with fellow collectors.

Quirky Things to Collect in 2020


These have nostalgic and monetary value, with the most popular coming from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. It’s a good idea to keep them in mint condition if possible.

These can be great fun to play with and look at. There’s a growing community of collectors you can trade with online, or at your local model shop.

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