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We all love a little bedroom makeover, but finding your style, touch, and personal travel/ lifestyle aspects is so hard, which is why this will change your mind and help you out big time!

“The One You Don’t See Coming” is a famous West African story about humanity’s most natural biological phenomenon: sleep.

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Every human needs to rest and recoup for the next day’s routines. The artificial landscape design services leader has known how to custom design and theme interior and exterior landscapes of all shapes and sizes for over thirty years. ​

The bedroom is the personal retreat where you rest after a long day’s work and rejuvenate yourself. It’s a room with mild hypnotic powers that bring in sleep. It’s essential to make this room as comfortable and beautiful as possible.

Here is a list of these aspects for a bedroom makeover.

Make a wish list of things you want in your bedroom, considering the Size and Space constraints available. These primarily determine the number and size of furniture items you place.

The Must-Discuss Aspects of Every Bedroom Makeover

Sometimes, bedrooms may not be the conventional square or rectangle; these may be L-shaped, round, a jutting triangle in a corner flat, and even an oval.

Some bedrooms have odd-shaped extensions to them. Budget out your wish list, and make it your haven.

The Bed must be the most comfortable furniture in the bedroom. You can choose sizes like king, queen, twin, and regular, depending on your requirements.

Buy mattresses accordingly. Take something with bed rest to sit back upright while reading or watching your favourite show on the TV.

The Must-Discuss Aspects of Every Bedroom Makeover

You may find beds with attached bedside tables available in the market. At other times, you may find matching bedside tables and the mattresses you purchase. Buy something convenient and easy to place by the Bedside Tables.

The Must-Discuss Aspects of Every Bedroom Makeover

The legs should not be jutting out, or you will indeed bang into them each time you come near. Have something with a pull-out drawer on top and a small cupboard below, or you may go in for a table that has two drawers instead.

Bedside tables with closed storage spaces are better than open shelves as they keep your belongings dust-free. You can even place a faux tree trunk as a bedside table on both sides.

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The Lights in your bedroom can be integrated into a false ceiling. This gives a very classy look to the room. An extension of this panelling can run down to one part of the wall across the bed, where you can fix the TV.

A giant artificial tree at one end will look lovely. Make arrangements for a night lamp that will guide you to the washroom at night. The bedroom should be well-lit at night so that there is no strain on the eyes while reading or watching the television.

Avoid chandeliers as they glare too much and reflect any outside light, even while sleeping. It’s better to have side reading lights than one right above the head where you sleep.

Identical table lamps on the two bedside tables look beautiful and give both people the privacy of switching them on or off as required.

Since you will spend a large part of your time at home in the bedroom, it is essential to have proper Ventilation in the room.

A large Bay Window or French windows opening into the balcony look classy and give plenty of natural sunlight. Plant an acacia tree or a big artificial tree in front of these windows for a lovely view.

Fix wire mesh on the windows so a fresh breeze comes in without the fear of insects. There are beautiful window blinds and curtains available to choose from. Make the bedroom airy and well-lit.

Most apartments are small and would not have an extra room to be used as a store. Fix cupboards that have the provision of lofts touching the ceiling. Purchase beds with storage space below.

The Must-Discuss Aspects of Every Bedroom Makeover

You can go in for beds with pull-out drawers, lifting shutters, or even hydraulic lifts if you can afford them.

There are plenty of storage ideas from bedside tables, TV Wall Units, shoe cabinets, drawer cabinets, etc. Place some lovely artificial vines to decorate these.

A bedroom is never complete without a dressing area. You may have the luxury of a separate or adjoining dressing room.

The Must-Discuss Aspects of Every Bedroom Makeover

But usually, a place has to be created within the bedroom. Go in for a full-length wall mirror with storage behind it for cosmetics and other accessories.

You may even fix a mirror in the cupboard to save space. Hang artificial vines or place an artificial plant near the mirror. Fix some bright lights for a clear and crystal look in the mirror. You can place a pretty vase with some fake flowers in one corner.

It is not necessary nor advisable to sit on the bed or lie down on it to read, watch the television, or have a family chat all the time. Use a faux tree trunk or two with comfortable cushions for seating if space allows.

The Must-Discuss Aspects of Every Bedroom Makeover

These can be placed against the wall for support. You can even fix fake tree bark on a standard wooden or plastic chair or stool to give it a woody look. A rocking chair or soft leather or foam leather sofa will be a luxury you can invest in.


Select a colour scheme or even a theme for your dream bedroom. Choose soft and easy-to-maintain bed duvets, blankets, pillows, sheets, bedcovers, etc.

Floral prints go in very well; avoid very harsh colours. Hang a pretty mosquito net from the ceiling for beauty and mosquito protection.

Decoration & Accessories

Place a pot or two with small artificial plants to bring in nature. Fake flowers also bring colour to the room without attracting mosquitoes.

A small arrangement with artificial silk flowers can be placed on any cabinet or bedside table in the room. Artificial flowers like red roses can be placed in the South corner of the bedroom for good relationships.

The Must-Discuss Aspects of Every Bedroom Makeover

Go in for wholesale artificial trees and place them in colourful ceramic pots to decorate your bedroom or the balcony attached to it to get closer to nature.

The Must-Discuss Aspects of Every Bedroom Makeover

Some more accessories that can be placed in this room are wall clocks, photo frames, and artificial flower arrangements.

These artificial plants are cheaper, easier to maintain, have long-lasting shine, and look natural. Dream up and do up the room for a dream-like experience for a refreshing and rejuvenating sleep at night.

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