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Most people think that decorating their homes should be done by professionals who get paid a lot of money to do the job right and make it look good. All you need is Photowall.

Please trust me when I say that this is not the case. Homeowners aren’t expected to have a remodel that looks like it came straight out of a magazine.

Photowall's adding character to your home

According to most people, wallpaper, rather than paint, is another cost-effective way to remodel a room. Wallpapering will accommodate anyone’s needs and budget while setting a mood and bringing beauty to a room. Suitable wallpaper can make a room look bigger or smaller, and it can give the illusion of height to a room with low ceilings. Wallpapering may also add a pattern and style to a space that is difficult to achieve with paint.

Photowall is a great place to shop for bringing your home to life! Photowall creates high-quality wall décor that completely transforms the look and feel.

Our motifs are all hand-selected and printed to order. Choose from thousands of motifs throughout our entire collection, or make and order your wallpaper and prints.

Photowall's adding character to your home

I got the London Underground Sign. I was hanging canvas in my living room. My order was easy to put. I selected a motif that I liked and then the canvas print size.

Since we wanted something more significant, I went with 150 x 150cm, but you can easily customize and crop it to your taste with smaller measurements. After that, I decided on the edge. I had four choices: black edge, white edge, motif edge, or canvas only (no frame).

I added the product to my cart once I was satisfied with the size and edge, and I was pleased to learn that shipping with DHL in Europe is easy. What shocked me the most was the delivery time – I ordered on Wednesday evening (I believe it was about 9 p.m.) and it arrived on Friday! That was a whirlwind of a journey!

All you’ll need to bring the canvas print together is included in the box: canvas fabric, frame parts, corner plates, screws, hanging solution with screws, and assembly instructions.

The whole procedure was straightforward but a little terrifying initially because I was afraid of making a mistake. Fortunately, everything went smoothly, including the most challenging part: putting the corner plates in place and screwing them in.

Lay the canvas fabric flat with the print facing down, and press the pre-taped wooden frame pieces onto the image’s sides. You’ll need to leave space to fold the corners at the ends.

Fold the wooden parts into one another until the frame sections are in place. Place the metal corner plates in the corners and insert and tighten all screws to secure the frame. Last but not least, hang the completed canvas print on the wall.

They have inspirational ideas, and numerous options to choose from.

Their product line is diverse.

All of their items are made-to-order and personalized. Read on to learn more about our high-quality products and how they’re put together.

Photowall's adding character to your home


For their wallpaper, we use only the best fabrics and printing techniques. Our products are printed to your exact measurements, so they will fit perfectly on your wall, and assembly is easy. Paste for wallpaper is included.

Prints on canvas

Their canvas prints are available in various sizes, up to 59 inches in height and width. Our DIY inner frame makes putting together your print a breeze.

Prints in frames

Premium-quality framed prints. The prints are pre-assembled and ready to hang on the wall when they arrive.


Their posters are printed on uncoated premium paper, which gives them an excellent matte finish. It’s easy to hang the sign on the wall with our stylish poster hangers.

Your visual representation

You can upload your picture to Photowall and order it right away. If you want to change the image, such as changing the colour or adding or removing objects, our professional photo editors are happy to assist you.


Photo wall has supplied a great discount code for you guys to enjoy and brighten up your rooms!

Check out their social media pages for inspiration and ideas! You won’t be sorry!

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