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Hey animal lovers! Are you ready to make a furry friend while making a difference? If you find yourself on the sunny shores of Malta, there’s no better way to give back than by volunteering at one of the island’s fantastic animal shelters.

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Not only will you get to spend time with some adorable creatures, but you’ll also be helping to give them the love and care they deserve. So, grab your most comfortable sneakers and let’s embark on a tail-wagging adventure to discover the top animal shelters in Malta where you can volunteer and spread some joy!

1. SPCA Malta

Location: Floriana/ Valletta

Why It’s Paw-some: The SPCA Malta is one of the oldest and most well-known animal shelters on the island. They provide a safe haven for abandoned and mistreated animals, ensuring they receive the best care possible. As a volunteer, you can get involved in everything from walking dogs and socialising cats to helping with fundraising events.

Volunteer Vibes: “I don’t cry over spilt milk, but I do over spilt kibbles!” You’ll feel the love from every wagging tail and purring kitty.

OrganizationMalta SPCA
AddressSt. Francis Ravelin Street, Valletta, Malta

2. Happy Paws Animal Assisted Therapy

Location: Marsa

Why It’s Paw-some: Happy Paws is not just an animal shelter but a unique organisation that focuses on the therapeutic benefits of animal companionship. They work with a variety of animals to help improve the well-being of people in need, such as the elderly or those with disabilities. Volunteering here means you’ll get to see the heartwarming bond between humans and animals firsthand.

Volunteer Vibes: “Fur-real therapy for the soul.” Whether you’re walking a dog or helping with therapy sessions, the smiles you’ll see are truly priceless.

OrganizationHappy Paws Animal Assisted Therapy
Address41, Cross Road, Il-Marsa, Malta
Phone Number2122 7127

3. Animal Welfare Gozo

Location: Victoria, Gozo

Why It’s Paw-some: If you’re on the sister island of Gozo, Animal Welfare Gozo is the place to be. This shelter is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming stray and abandoned animals. They also run various community outreach programmes to promote responsible pet ownership. Your volunteer efforts here will go a long way in making a difference in the lives of these animals.

Volunteer Vibes: “Paw-sitive vibes only!” Whether you’re grooming a pup or helping with adoption events, every little bit helps.

MinistryMinistry for Gozo
AddressSt Francis Square, Victoria, Malta
Phone Number2215 6400

4. Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary

Location: Mellieħa

Why It’s Paw-some: Noah’s Ark is a sanctuary specifically for dogs, providing them with a safe space and a second chance at life. This shelter relies heavily on volunteers to help care for their canine residents. From cleaning kennels to taking the dogs for walks along the beautiful Maltese countryside, there’s plenty to do and lots of love to give.

OrganizationNoah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary
AddressTriq Wied Musa, Mellieħa, Malta
Phone Number7973 0900

Volunteer Vibes: “Barking up the right tree!” Spending your time here will leave you with a sense of fulfilment that only puppy kisses can provide.

5. AAA (Association for Abandoned Animals)

Location: Birżebbuġa

Why It’s Paw-some: The AAA shelter is dedicated to caring for abandoned dogs, providing them with medical care, shelter, and love until they find their forever homes. They’re always on the lookout for dedicated volunteers to help with day-to-day tasks and special projects. If you love dogs, this is the perfect place to spend your free time.

Volunteer Vibes: “Dogs are my favourite people!” Helping these pups find their new families is incredibly rewarding.

OrganizationAAA (Association for Abandoned Animals)
AddressAAA Sanctuary, Hal Far Road, Birżebbuġa, Marsa, Malta
Phone Number7973 0921

6. Cat Cafe Malta

Location: Valletta

Why It’s Paw-some: Cat Cafe Malta is a dream come true for cat enthusiasts. This shelter focuses on rescuing and rehoming stray cats, offering them a cosy place to stay while they await adoption. As a volunteer, you can spend your time socialising with the cats, helping with feeding, and assisting with adoption events.

Volunteer Vibes: “Purr-fectly content.” There’s nothing quite like a lap full of purring kitties to make your day brighter.

OrganizationCat Cafe Malta
AddressValletta, Malta

How to Get Started

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get involved? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Reach Out: Contact the shelter directly through their website or social media pages to inquire about volunteer opportunities.
  • Stay Committed: Shelters often rely on consistent volunteers, so try to commit to a regular schedule.
  • Bring the Essentials: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and don’t forget water and snacks.
  • Spread the Word: Share your experiences on social media to help raise awareness and maybe even recruit some friends to join you!

Final Thoughts

Volunteering at an animal shelter in Malta is a fantastic way to give back to the community, make some furry friends, and experience the pure joy of helping animals in need. Each of these shelters offers a unique experience, and no matter where you choose to volunteer, you’ll be making a meaningful difference. So, why not make your next adventure a paw-sitive one?

As they say, “The best therapists have fur and four legs.” And who knows? You might just find a new best friend along the way.

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