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Silverstone’s Aerosmith music video performance helped her land Cher.

“Clueless,” the iconic ’90s teen comedy, is a timeless gem that continues to captivate audiences with its hilarious dialogue, fashion-forward style, and endearing characters.

But did you know that behind the scenes, there are some juicy secrets and fun facts that even the most die-hard fans might not be aware of?

The movie "Clueless": 11 things you probably didn't know - funn and bubbbly, add some puns

Get ready to have your mind blown as we uncover 11 things you probably didn’t know about the movie “Clueless”!

So, slip into your most fashionable attire, grab your cell phone (or pager!), and let’s dive into this delightful journey of ’90s nostalgia and hidden trivia.

“I trusted her video performance. She captivated me. I recorded the ‘Crazy’ video after handing in the screenplay. The studio remarked, “Oh, Liv Tyler?” when I delivered it to them. “No!” “she responded.

  1. Cher’s catchphrase, “As if!” not only became a cultural phenomenon but continues to resonate widely today. It’s, like, totally a big deal!
  2. Cher’s famous yellow plaid outfit from the “I’m totally buggin'” scene was a custom-made ensemble, specially designed for the movie. It’s a plaid to remember!
  3. Remember Josh, Cher’s stepbrother and love interest? Paul Rudd, who portrayed Josh, seems to defy aging! He’s like a fine bottle of Clueless-ness.
  4. The crew filmed the iconic freeway scene, where Cher accidentally takes the wrong exit, on a closed freeway in Los Angeles. Thankfully, no traffic jams suffered in this film’s making!
  5. Brittany Murphy, portraying the lovable Tai, improvised her famous line, “You’re a virgin who can’t drive.” Now that’s improvisational brilliance!
  6. The team shot the high school scenes at an actual high school in California, making it a real piece of clueless history.
  7. Screenwriter and director Amy Heckerling created the movie’s unique slang like “Monet” and “Baldwin.” She really knows how to spice up language!
  8. Alicia Silverstone, playing Cher, mastered a valley girl accent for the role. It was, like, sooo not a problem for her!
  9. Alicia Silverstone herself added the famous line, “Cher, you’re a virgin?” “I mean, I’m not prude!” during filming, creating a memorable Clueless ad-lib moment!
  10. “Clueless,” inspired by Jane Austen’s classic “Emma,” brings a modern twist to the tale. It’s like Jane Austen, but with a 90s makeover!
  11. “Clueless” achieved box office success, grossing over $56 million worldwide, proving it’s more than just a stylish flick!
The movie "Clueless": 11 things you probably didn't know - funn and bubbbly, add some puns

So there you have it, a fun and bubbly peek into the world of “Clueless” and its hidden treasures. Whether you’re a fashionista, a lover of ’90s nostalgia, or just a fan of hilarious teen comedies, “Clueless” continues to charm and entertain.

So grab your tartan skirts, fluffy pens, and take a trip down memory lane with this timeless cinematic treasure. As if you needed more reasons to adore “Clueless”!

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