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Is there a possibility of a third season of the popular cake-making show, Is It Cake?, coming to Netflix? Despite the recent release of Is It Cake, Too? on June 30, fans of the show are already eagerly looking ahead and wondering if Netflix has plans for another season.

Is it Cake? Season 3: A Sweet Treat on the Horizon?

The cleverly titled Season 2, Is It Cake, Too?, featured celebrity judges, including famous Saturday Night Live stars and the D’Amelios, as they attempted to answer the show’s signature question.

For those who may not know, this Is It Cake baking competition series showcases talented bakers who create incredibly realistic confections to deceive the judges and win a significant cash prize.

Is it Cake? Season 3: A Sweet Treat on the Horizon?

The burning question is: Will there be a Season 3 of Is It Cake? on Netflix? Join us as we delve into the details and examine the likelihood of another season.

Is It Cake? Season 3: Will there be another season on Netflix?

While Netflix has not officially announced a renewal, there are reasons to be optimistic. The highly respected publication, The Hollywood Reporter, described the show as “mindlessly brilliant” and highlighted its impressive viewership numbers.

Is it Cake? Season 3: A Sweet Treat on the Horizon?

When it was initially released last year, Is It Cake? Claimed the coveted second spot on Netflix’s list of most-watched shows in the United States, second only to the trendy second season of Bridgerton.

Is It Cake? Season 3?

Potential release date The highly anticipated Season 2 of Is It Cake? was officially announced in June 2022 and premiered a year later. Considering this timeline of Is it Cake, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect a potential Season 3 to arrive the following summer.

Is it Cake? Season 3: A Sweet Treat on the Horizon?

Considering the immense popularity of the cake competition series, it is unlikely that Netflix would cancel the show after only two seasons.

Therefore, cake enthusiasts can remain hopeful for another exciting instalment. Make sure to stay tuned and keep an eye out for the latest updates on all things Is it Cake cake-related!

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