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Star of Schitt’s Creek Eugene Levy has released the first trailer for his new travel show, The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy, which will be on Apple TV+. So lets dig into Schitt’s Creek Star Teases New Trip Show!

Whether he likes it or not, @RealEugeneLevy will soon go on the adventure of a lifetime. The Reluctant Traveler, an 8-part travel series, debuts on Apple TV+ on February 24.”

During the eight episodes, Levy visits Costa Rica, Finland, Italy, Japan, the Maldives, Portugal, South Africa, and the United States. The brand-new trailer gives viewers a taste of what they can expect.

At the outset of the trailer, Levy remarks, “The vast outdoors means different things to different people.”

He makes a wry comment about how he prefers to spend his time indoors. I’ve always avoided situations that made me feel unsafe, but now I’ve committed to discovering what’s on the other side of my safety zone.

Schitt's Creek Star Teases New Trip Show

The preview shows that Levy goes ice fishing in the Arctic Circle, rides across a desert on horseback, confronts a volcano, and rides in a helicopter.

Schitt's Creek Star Teases New Trip Show

In one memorable scene, Levy reveals to the camera that this is the first time he’s ever had his hand up an elephant’s rear to treat a sick animal.

Even though he is “not generally adventurous or well-versed in globe-trotting,” Levy acknowledges that “the timing is finally perfect for him to extend his horizons.”

“Levy prepares to go with apprehension, but he is hopeful that a new chapter in his life awaits him if he is willing to face his concerns head-on.

Come along with him as he embarks on the trip of a lifetime and learns some things you never knew before!”

Season one of The Reluctant Traveler debuts on Apple TV+ on February 24.

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