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Schitt’s Creek was by far the most impressive of the bunch. Here are five reasons why a Schitt’s Creek movie is needed.

5 Reasons for a Schitt's Creek Movie

Seinfeld and other “modern” family sitcoms have been a popular kind of television entertainment since the 1940s and 1950s. On the CBC Television network in 2015, Schitt’s Creek debuted and quickly became one of the most popular modern-day sitcoms.

As one of Netflix’s most-watched shows, the series has won a number of honors, including two Golden Globes. Eugene and Dan Levy, the show’s creators, executive producers, and lead actors are all involved in the show’s development and production.

schitt's creek movie

A joyful ending was finally delivered to fans in April 2020, when the final episode of Schitt’s Creek aired. In the same way that viewers were introduced to the characters, they said farewell.

Schitt’s Creek style, there was comedy, chaos, and a sliver of dramatic flair in this episode. However, Dan Levy has teased fans with the prospect of a Schitt’s Creek movie ever since the show’s final episode aired. As a result, here are five reasons why a Schitt’s Creek movie is absolutely necessary.

5 Reasons for a Schitt's Creek Movie

The Rose family’s mansion is evicted after it is discovered that John, the head of home, was scammed by his business manager. The setting is in a state of complete disarray. The family is scrambling for everything and everything they can get their hands on as they try to make sense of what’s going on.

Even though they are in the middle of being evicted, it becomes clear that they will only receive a small village that was acquired as a joke for their son David. After a series of trials and triumphs, they discover that Schitt’s Creek is exactly the place they’ve been searching for all their lives.

Returning to Schitt’s Creek

In spite of the Roses’ undeniable centrality, Schitt’s Creek is home to many more beloved characters. When Johnny and Moira are on their way out of the car in the final scene, he signals to the driver to pull over. Smirks are seen on his face when the town sign is discovered to have been modified to include the Rose family. The Roses and their former neighbors would be reconciled if Johnny, Moira, and Alexis returned to the town together.

Roland and Jocelyn’s interactions with Johnny and Moira would be fascinating, especially in light of the impending birth of a child. New York City gossip is something Alexis can keep Twyla up to date on. In addition, a look at Ray’s company acquisitions following the family’s departure.

Exploring David and Patrick’s Family Dynamic

There’s more to Schitt’s Creek than meets the eye in this comedy. It is a pillar of optimism that welcomes and embraces the idea of change and growth. Individual growth is a hallmark of the Rose clan. After spending time alone, Alexis and David both realize that they don’t need a significant other to be happy.

5 Reasons for a Schitt's Creek Movie

The siblings come to understand that their link is unbreakable and that, despite their selfishness, their parents genuinely care about them. We bid farewell to Johnny and Moira at the end of the series, but we are overjoyed that David has found his happily ever after.

Levy remarked that a Schitt’s Creek film would be a success if it were made “Overstaying your welcome is something that I’m quite wary about doing in any capacity. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see if it all works out in the end.”

Many shows that are currently airing go on for far too long with their viewers. However, would it be possible for a Schitt’s Creek movie to be made? As it turns out, David and Patrick are the best bets to bring these iconic characters back to life on screen.

5 Reasons for a Schitt's Creek Movie

Stevie Rose, the Roses’ son and Johnny’s business partner, lives in the area, therefore it’s safe to assume that the Roses will return. However, the only way to get a clearer picture of David and Patrick’s family dynamic is to see if they decide to start a family or expand their business.

A Little Bit Alexis in New York

There’s nothing better than watching Alexis Rose navigate the public relations business in New York City. Alexis grew the most out of the rest of the family. The entitled, entitled youngster transformed into a young woman determined to make her own place in the world.

5 Reasons for a Schitt's Creek Movie

A good friend is willing to go to great lengths to help you, and she learns this from her. It would be hilarious, however, if she were to represent her mother at the same time as working with other clients of Interflix.

5 Reasons for a Schitt's Creek Movie

Sophisticated Businesswoman, Stevie Budd

Throughout the series, Stevie Budd runs the motel until she, Johnny, and Roland partner together. Concerned about following in her aunt’s footsteps and becoming cut off from the rest of the world, Stevie tests herself to new lengths. Stevie, one of the most relatable characters, doubts her own worth. This is a trait she shares with David.

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