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Have you ever felt the strong need to get up and go to the kitchen while watching one more comedy in your favourite comfy clothing, even though you finished your supper less than an hour earlier? Well let me get into “I Eat What I Feel”.

Chewing something before or after an excellent meal is not a strange practice, even though many people say that the refrigerator contains numerous delicacies that can kill your appetite.

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Even if no weight loss regimen is followed, someone may not feel satisfied and full from the food they eat if they overeat.

A person’s aversion to throwing away food may cause him to swallow the final slice of apple pie left undisturbed in the fridge.

Why do you eat the kinds of foods you do and not others?

sushi food

According to nutritionists and social scientists, psychological factors play a major role in obsessive eating. Eat what you’re hungry for.

According to a study conducted under the leadership of American psychotherapist Mrs. Synthia Power, a specialist in the field of “food and addiction, “ our mood and the foods we eat are intimately linked. ”

You can tell a lot about your current mood by the number of chips and ice cream you consume while watching a movie. Emotional eating has been studied in our eating patterns, and researchers have shown that we eat when we are moving, even when we aren’t hungry.

I Eat What I Feel

Researchers found that angry people tend to eat steak, while those who are depressed tend to hunt for food that contains sugar and caffeine in its ingredients.

There are many food conflicts and rivalries between siblings as children because envious characters will eat anything presented to them, even if they are not fond of what they are about to try.

I Eat What I Feel

In her study, which was conducted on more than 500 people, she made the first significant attempt to evaluate how our food choices affect our eating habits. If you’re a Brit, you’ll know that “According to an article in the “Sunday Times,” “People who have to show their fury frequently choose food that is not easily dissolved, such as beef steaks.” Carbohydrates, on the other hand, are preferred by those who are lonely and unhappy. “

According to the sample studied, if you’ve recently gone through a terrible time in your life, like a divorce, you’ll be more attracted to soft sweets (like ice cream and honey) and starchy ones (like spaghetti, cake, and biscuits), as per the sample.

Try to monitor your friends the next time you invite them over for dinner to discover who is really stressed out. Whoever takes the salt first at your dinner party will be a good indicator of who is under stress.

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