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Many people think that Clueless, with its mix of sass and style, is one of the best coming-of-age comedies of all time.

Of all, you don’t know everything there is to know about Clueless, which premiered in theatres on July 19, 1995, even if you’re a diehard Betty or Baldwin.

1. Clueless started as a story about a girl looking for the perfect prom dress.

But writer-director Amy Hecklering scrapped that idea and made a more modern version of Emma, based on Jane Austen’s book.

2. It is said that 53 different plaid patterns were used in the movie.

3. Most of the slang used in the movie came from people making noise. 

She had to explain what phrases like “going postal” meant to her actors.

4. Cher’s part was first given to Sarah Michelle Gellar.

She had to say no because it was at the same time as All My Children.

5. Alicia Silverstone was hired even though she didn’t try out.

6. To understand Beverly Hills High pupils, the film’s authors attended classes.

7. The whole movie Clueless was only shot for 40 days.

Which is about half the time it takes to make a normal movie.

8. The word “Haitians” was hard for Alicia Silverstone to say.

During her speech about why “all oppressed people should be allowed refuge in America,” Silverstone said the phrase wrong on camera. Heckerling told the producers not to correct her because it was funnier that way. (Alicia/Cher was right about one thing, though: the Statue of Liberty does not say “RSVP.”).

10. The casting director said that Christian, played by Justin Walker, was the most challenging part because actors didn’t want to try out for a gay role.

11. Heckerling’s life was also the source of Tai’s “Virgin Who Can’t Drive” joke.

Heckerling told Vice, when asked about Tai’s famous line, “That was me, though! Since a long time ago. You use the thing that made you feel the most ashamed.” Was this answer way too mean? Maybe, but it didn’t stop Clueless from being a teen comedy.

12. Heckerling’s fear of driving inspired the funny Freeway Freak-Out.

There are a few memorable driving scenes in Clueless, but Dionne’s mistake on the highway, which is both funny and scary, has to be the most famous.

Heckerling told Vogue, “I just start screaming until I get out of the lane where you can’t quickly get off and it’s turning into the freeway.”

Clueless movie facts

13. Heckerling’s fear of driving inspired the funny Freeway Freak-Out.

14. The project started as a TV show

20th Century Fox asked Amy Heckerling, who wrote and directed Clueless, to make them a TV show. Clueless was supposed to be a TV pilot in 1993, but it wasn’t Clueless at the time. In 2015, Heckerling told The Telegraph that the studio had contacted her because they wanted a show about teenagers, but not about “nerds.”

15. “Clueless” has been the basis for a lot of other art

This film clearly resonated. It inspired a 1990s teen series. Comics debuted in 2017. 2009. Heckerling’s off-Broadway musical was notable. I’m sorry. On Dec. 11, 2018, the performance opened.


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