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The return of Bling Empire for a third season will provide relief to fans who have missed witnessing Anna Shay’s frank, no-holds-barred attitude to life and Kevin Kreider’s romantic pursuits.

Fans of the show may feel like they’ve been waiting forever to find out what happened next in the drama that unfolded among these friends. Season 2 only just started airing in May. So, tell me, what occurs in the latest episodes?

Season 3 of Bling Empire: Episode guide, trailer, and more

Information on season three of Bling Empire has finally been compiled.

Season 3 – Episode Guide

On October 5, 2018, the third season of Bling Empire was launched on Netflix. Below is a list of all the episodes that will air in the upcoming season.

First Season Episode: “Time Warp”
Andrew’s attempts to make up with Anna cause tension between Kelly and Guy at the latter’s anniversary celebration. It’s a hot lunch for Jaime and Christine.

Season 2, Episode 2: “Gossip Guy”
Kelly is taken aback by a successful first date over some fiery ramen. Mimi’s son Skyler has a birthday party, and Christine and Gabe lose it.

Show #3: “Envy, Intrigue, and Escapes”
Kevin is upset by Kane’s announcement that he would collaborate with Fenty. Kelly is taken by surprise on an unplanned vacation to Mexico. Kim reconciles with Anna.

Season 4’s Finale: “Making Up in Malibu”
Following some devastating news, Christine is comforted by a phone call from Dancing with the Stars. Kelly invites Kevin, Kim, and Kane to Malibu to straighten things out.

Season 5 Episode 5: “There’s Something about Janice”
Janice, a Reiki healer, facilitates conversation between Kevin, Kelly, Kane, and Kim; she also catches Kevin’s eye. For the camera of Tyler Shields, Christine strikes some somewhat edgy positions.

In Season 6, Episode 6, “Achy Reiki Heart,”

Kane discusses his insecurities. Kelly hopes she and her mother can bond at Mimi’s birthday celebration in San Francisco. The protagonist, Kevin, goes on a date.

In the seventh episode, “Crash and Burn,” Christine brings up previous issues. Kevin runs into trouble, and he and his cousin have a heartfelt conversation. The girls’ journey to Joshua Tree doesn’t go as planned.

Season 8’s Truth About Kim is Episode 8.
When trying to sell their alcohol-free drinks to Don and Mimi, Kevin and Kelly compete with one another. Kim brings a hot date to Kane’s party and some hard truths.

Chapter Nine: “Kevin in Paris”
Christine and Kevin jet off to Paris for Fashion Week, where Kevin is impressed by the finer things in life while Christine has an uncomfortable encounter with Jamie.

Part 10 is titled “The One That Got Away.”
As Kevin and his ex-girlfriend Devon are in Paris, Christine plays the role of matchmaker. After six years of sobriety, Kevin and Kane reflect on their accomplishments and life.

Season 3 of Bling Empire: Episode guide, trailer, and more

Where does season 3 of Bling Empire go from here?

What Netflix has said publicly about the new season thus far is:

It will be revealed to viewers why an ex has come crawling back with flowers.

Where we left up with LA’s glamorous and (mainly) wealthy Asians, the tension is at an all-time high inside this friend circle, but that won’t stop them from enjoying their best lives. Kim Lee, whose relationship with Kevin Kreider ended severely, will spend the following season continuing her lucrative DJ residency in Las Vegas.

Kane Lim lands a major fashion campaign, and Christine Chiu brings Kevin to Paris Fashion Week to help him reconnect with an old flame. Paris is often called the “city of love,” and with good reason.

Season 3 of Bling Empire: Episode guide, trailer, and more
Bling Empire. (L to R) Anna Shay, Kane Lim, and Kelly Mi Li in season 2 of Bling Empire. Cr. Ser Baffo/Netflix © 2022

That being the case, let’s pick up where we left off. Christine’s attempt to approach Anna about a rumour that still doesn’t make much sense led to the discovery of two things.

Kane’s hand stoked the recent animosity between the rivals, and Christine and Anna finally found common ground in wanting to take him to task. Second, Jaime Xie was assumed to be the source of the initial rumour Christine had heard about Anna’s alleged threats. With how close Jaime and Anna are as friends, this would be a devastating betrayal if it were real.

After that, there’s Kevin. Nothing he did could win Kim, no matter how hard he tried. Once more, Kane’s participation was a factor. Kane may have claimed Kevin as his best friend, but he didn’t waste time convincing Kim that he was unreliable. The viewers of Bling Empire must wait to find out how Kevin’s relationships with these two women develop.

Season 3 of Bling Empire: Episode guide, trailer, and more
Kim Lee in episode 4 “Beverly Hills Heartbreak” of Bling Empire: Season 1. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

In this case, the “ex slithering back” refers to Andrew Gray’s appearance at Anna’s in the season 2 finale. Viewers last saw Andrew while his ex-girlfriend, Kelly Mi Li, discussed their breakup. There has been no word on why he’s returned, so this plot is one to keep an eye on moving forward.

Season 3 of Bling Empire: Episode guide, trailer, and more

After three seasons, the show’s primary focus has solidified around a small group of characters who are likely to continue to be the show’s driving force in the future. The leaders of the Bling Empire are listed below.

  •  Anna Shay  
  • Christine Chiu  
  • Kane Lim  
  • Kevin Kreider  
  • Kim Lee  
  • Kelly Mi Li 

Christine’s husband, Dr Gabriel Chiu, and fashion icon Jaime Xie are regulars on the canvas. And while Dorothy Wang, Don, and Mimi Morris were introduced in the previous season, we can only confirm that Mimi will be returning this time.

Trailer for Season 3 of Bling! Empire

Netflix has released the trailer, and it doesn’t look like they’ve dialled down the intensity. Kim and Kevin had a pretty nasty exchange. Learn more by reading this.

Where and how to view Bling: The Empire of Bling

The Bling Empire TV show was created specifically for the streaming service Netflix. Only subscribers to the streaming service will be able to view the content. Netflix currently provides prospective members with a few different subscription tiers.


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